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asparagus season.

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asparagus frittata is very good. sounds a little weird, but good.

Also planning to roll them up in veal. Maybe a soup too.

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  1. Well, it won't be here until mid-May.

    1. We still have snow on the ground until April so usually do not have it show up until June.

      Asparagus frittata is awesome! I love asparagus and cook it so many ways. It is excellent shaved in salads, too.

      My husband and I go wild asparagus hunting each year in Croatia - it tastes very, very different but we love it. There they make frittatas with them regularly in season.

      1. A lovely dish for good asparagus - boil until just barely tender. Drain on a tilted plate to let excess liquid drain, arrange on a plate, and dress with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and serve at room temperature.

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          Yes, and I also love it grilled or roasted with tarragon grapefruit vinaigrette or lemon aioli. And of course soup.

        2. Yes! On sale at my local MB for $1.49/lb yoo hoo!!

          1. Esp. when Michigan asparagus comes in I can just have a whole meal of it steamed with a little butter and great parm/reggiano slivered on top. MI asparagus and strawberries are miracles of nature! We wait all year for these treasures.

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              Don't forget the wonderful corn and White fish!!!

            2. Roasted with olive oil and salt, grated Parmigiano for the last few minutes.
              Lightly steamed then rolled in Proscuitto, dipped in batter and fried---serve with honey mustard.
              Asparagus risotto with lemon zest.

              1. Roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper, and crushed garlic.... I will eat almost unlimited amounts of it cooked like that. Hot, room temperature, or cold.... yumm!!!! I make sure I cook it til it browns and shrivels a little and the tips get crispy, it's like candy!

                I also like it cut into about 1.5" pieces in a white wine butter sauce with cremini mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes with pasta, a good bit of pecorino romano and coarsely ground black pepper over the top.

                Also quickly blanched on a salad with mixed greens (with herbs: dill, tarragon, and chives to name a few), crumbled chèvre, red onions, and seared sliced endive. Sooooo good with a red wine vinaigrette.

                1. I love asparagus in every way, shape or form. I love to open a can of Jolly Green Giant asparagus spears, reach in and grab some right out of the can. And I am not ashamed :-)

                  1. Hm-m-m, you can have my share.