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Mar 1, 2012 01:34 PM

Chicago CH'er looking for Sunday Dinner in walking distance to Washington Hall

Hi All-
We're attending a wedding at Washington Hall (153 14th Avenue) on an upcoming Sunday night. The happy couple is only serving "light snacks" and a cash bar, so we're going to eat/drink before the ceremony.

It is rare that I have the pleasure of eating in Seattle, so I want to make the most of it. Nothing uber fancy or super expensive - just plain ol' delicious and fresh Seattle food in walking distance (in heels!) to Washington Hall pretty please. Any cuisine will do.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I think a short drive will be in order, unless you want to walk 6-8 blocks in heels.

    You can map Washington hall, and add 'restaurants nearby' to locate any of these good destinations nearby, but most not what I would call high-heeled walking distance.

    Kokeb Ethiopian, Ba-Bar, Malay Satay Hut, R&L Home of Good Barbeque

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    1. re: gingershelley

      Certainly no reason that Malay Satay Hut or Tamarind Tree wouldn't be walking distance, even in the highest of heels. Similarly Ba Bar is only maybe 2 long blocks? Mesob, for Ethiopian, is right there too.

      A little further of a walk would get you to Lark, Presse, Canon.

      1. re: dagoose

        After looking at these menus, I am starving! You Seattle people are VERY lucky. For Ba-Bar v. Tamarind Tree, would anyone recommend one over the other?

        Thanks for these fab suggestions. I can't wait to eat!

        1. re: salustro

          Tamarind tree is good standard Vietnamese at excellent prices. Ba Bar is a shorter menu, more upscale ingredients and a tad more expensive. It depends what you're in the mood for - I love them both, but I am now totally craving Ba Bar! Their spicy pork belly entree, pate chaud (like a spiced pork sausage inside a perfect puff pastry with delicious creamy pork belly gravy) and the Pho with fatty painted hills brisket are to die for.

        2. re: dagoose

          Dagoose, I am asuming now, you must be a man... and you don't walk in heels!

          From Washington Hall, (I mapped it) it is a full 5 blocks to Ba bar from there, and any lady in heels that wan't to dance later at a wedding should not walk those blocks to get therein those shoes, unless she has some kind of crazy tollerance that most of us don't.

          Flat shoes make blocks look shorter, trust me - men wear those; She needs to drive (which sucks for the actually short distance), or- a more eco-and-foot-friendly-choice, pack alternative shoes for the dining portion of ANY of these nearby resto's before the wedding reception. NONE is in 2 city blocks from the reception hall.

          They are great, and near, just not CLOSE BYE (in heels) :)

          Albeit, they all would be great to eat at. Just don't kick her feet to the curb so she can't eat her food and still dance later!

          1. re: gingershelley

            Ha! I am a lady, and one who used to live at 11th and Jefferson, no less. I've walked those blocks in heels many a time!

            I think Ba Bar is less likely to have a wait than Tamarind Tree, but both are lovely, upscale Vietnamese food with fairly good cocktail selections

            1. re: dagoose

              OOps Dagoose! You have tougher tootsies than myself then - my feet go numb in heels after just a few blocks of walking in those things :) So sorry.

              At least we agree on where to eat, if not how to get there.