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Mar 1, 2012 11:41 AM

Cake in Lexington--is it ever not stale?

So we've been to Cake a few times to try their cupcakes, which everyone has raved about. Their flavors are good, obviously from scratch, but every single time, the cupcakes have been very dry and stale. You can tell they started out well, but they were obviously sitting around for a couple of days. How do I get a fresh one? I want to like this place, but find it a bit scary to see an entire fridge full of cupcakes at 5 p.m., knowing they're going to be for sale tomorrow, too.

I'm guessing they bake a bunch, freeze them, then take them out to frost. I'd like to order some of their mini cupcakes for a fundraiser I'm hosting, but not if they won't be fresh.

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  1. God love you, bake shops get one shot from me. Cup cakes from the freezer are terrible. How about trying kickass cupcakes in Davis square Somerville.
    Lyndel's bakery is another must visit in somerville v

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      I wasn't impressed by Kickass, but I will try Lyndel's.

    2. Try the cupcakes from the bakery case at the new Market Basket in Burlington, for the price there not that bad. Whole Foods also has some nice looking cupcakes. I beleive that Cake may be for sale??? but not certain.

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        The ones from MB are made from a mix and I just can't stand artificial flavors in baked goods. WF cupcakes are okay, but not interesting and often way too sweet. One of the decent things about Cake is that they have some flavors that aren't too sweet. I just wish they made them fresh each day.

      2. The flavors at Kickass are interesting but rather dry, Lyndells are more of a classic sweet cupcake.

        1. I've been very happy with cupcakes from Quebrada in East Arlington. I have placed orders ahead of time & bought a couple dozen directly from the cases. Each time, the cupcakes were def. freshly made that day (early in the am at their Wellesly store) & YUMMY.

          I've had Cake's cupcakes at their Arlington location & haven't experienced stale ones, thankfully. Perhaps if you ask the shop in Lex if you were to order them, would they be freshly made? Hmmm. Worth investigating.

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            I think "....cakes" in Arlington is not related to Cake in Lexington. The Arlington store has a sister store in Milton, and they are also related to Biga Breads in Charleston. They sell those breads in the store.