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Fans of Honmura An, where do you go now?

I was reading another thread asking about the types of restaurants people like. Got me thinking about Honmura An. I loved that place. My usual meal would start with tori dango and end with the kamo nanban soba. Lots of sake too. Beautiful space with those second floor windows that looked out onto Mercer. Tried soba in many places after it closed but nothing ever filled the void. Matsugen came close. Went there probably every 2/3 weeks when it was open. Now its gone too. For those who remember Honmura An, what comes closest to it in food and spirit?

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  1. Soba Koh is a smaller more modest place than Honmura An, but imo the soba is even better.

    309 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003

    1. Soba Koh is good, but I like Sobaya even more. Much more expansive menu and some of the daily specials are great; we have to have the soba chirashi if it's on the menu.

      229 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003

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        The soba at Sobaya is nowhere near as good, their udon is actually better than their soba.

      2. Nothing! We miss that place

        1. i ate at SobaKoh again last night...i was delighted to see they are doing good business: on a Thursday night at 9:30pm, all but two seats at the tables/banquet were full....(the last few times i've been there it's been for lunch, when they don't do as much business)...

          We sat at the counter and both had the cold inaka soba w/ anago tempura...and got an order of delicious uni sashimi...wonderful meal and i felt lucky that we have a soba place this good in NYC...

          309 E 5th St, New York, NY 10003

          1. The soba chef of Honmura An went to 15 East.

            15 East
            15 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

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              Honmura An was such a great combination of food and setting. So far, I'm hearing that there's good soba to be had and I know that, but I'm looking for the whole combination. Soba and the setting. Is there anything like it around?

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                15 East is probably the only place that will fit what you want in terms of elegance, etc...15 East is one of my favorite places in NYC, but i've never actually eaten the soba there: i always go for the sashimi/sushi omakase at the sushi bar...but i've heard the soba is quite delicious...

                In Japan, soba is not generally thought of as high-end tasting-menu dining experience in the way that Honmura An was...it's eaten as a lunch by sararimen and at home and in more casual places (which nonetheless can sometimes have very high standards of soba-making)...so Honmura An was a bit specific in its niche...15 East is closest to thing to that in terms of setting...but if for quality of the actual buckwheat and soba-making, SobaKoh...

                I'd say try both and report back :)

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                I've had the soba at 15 East, and it is indeed very good. But I remember Honmura An as a more casual place than 15 East, not nearly as formal, service-wise. I may remember wrong - it was a really long time ago that I was at Honmura An. Soba Koh suits me fine these days.

              3. Honmura An was the best Soba. Now Niko is in that lovely space.. Niko had a good sushi chef from Yasuda, but now they have a Korean sushi chef from morimoto. Anyway, Matsugen was a close rival of the soba of Hanmura An,, but that nice space is presently empty. The chef from Honmura An had gone to 15 East, but I don't believe that chef is there any more ( i could be mistaken). Soba Koh is the next best choice but not anywhere as good as Honmura An , in my opinion. Sobaya is another choice and I do like to watch the guy making soba in the front of the place. But the soba is not quite as good as Soba Koh.

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                  How about Cococron? I haven't been yet but I hear very good things... I know the atmosphere is not like Honmura An but what about the soba?

                  61 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002

                2. Honmura An is unfortunately impossible to replace. That said:
                  I'd say the soba, and especially the broth, at 15 East comes the closest. What distinguished Honmura An's broth was that it wasn't overpowering, t was lighter, contained less soy. You (or I, at any rate) felt great after eating there. The Kamonan at 15 East is especially good, and they do have Uni soba as well -- two of Honmura An's favorites. A third Honmura An favorite was the giant (gigantic, really - from Japan) prawn tempura that was amazingly tasty -- usually had it with cold soba -- it was one of the regular lunch specials. That 15 East hasn't reproduced. They also don't offer the Soba water to finish your bowl. Also 15 East is about twice the price...

                  Cocoron I want to love, and indeed the soba itself is quite good, but the broth is way too strong. Too strong broth also in SobaKoh and SobaYa -- and neither one has as good soba as Cocoron. The Nabeyki Udon at SobaYa is great.

                  Havent't tried Soba Nippon -- anyone?