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Mar 1, 2012 11:06 AM

Best fish in Brentwood/santa monica???

I am taking the girls out to lunch in Brentwood/Santa monica area. They want fish but unless it is really good/fresh I don't like fish. SO....I am looking for a place that has more options. Tired of the usual places. Can anyone recommend a good place for a nice lunch??? thanks!

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  1. Tavern always has a good fresh fish option at lunch. They prepare fish beautifully.

    1. My favorite place for a seafood lunch is Santa Monica Seafood. It's very casual...and gets crowded (so I try to go early or late) but they have a terrific menu and everything is incredibly fresh. They also have a nice selection of wine and beer. I've become addicted to their tuna tartare. And some folks come and order oysters. I'm not an oyster person....but they rave about them. I've taken lots of people there, and everyone is pleased.

      1. Il Moro on Olympic just east of Barrington has a very nice patio and very good fish, salads, pastas and more. Cant go wrong.

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          Il Moro serves wild fish - always great.

        2. I have had excellent fish at B.P. Oysterette. They always have a selection of fresh fish everyday, prepared in many ways, cooked to order. They also have a great Baja style fresh lobster. It is a whole grilled lobster with grilled corn, and fresh salsa, served with homemade tortillas for $32.

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          1. Il Grano. Sal Marino is very skilled with fish. Very fresh too. He can put together a nice , fish-centric tasting menu too. Which is what I do when I go there. And he's got a great energy to be around. One of the best seafood restaurants in L.A. (they have other things, but they lean heavily towards the ocean.)