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Mar 1, 2012 09:32 AM

special lunch in New Haven on a Wednesday?

Would love to celebrate a special occasion! Four of us, adventurous eaters, we will be dressed up, but don't want stuffiness for stuffiness sake. Rather go to the best food!
Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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  1. Union League Cafe (not sure if they are open for lunch) or Heirloom at the Study Hotel

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      1. re: Elizzie

        We did go to Heirloom, and it was very nice!

    1. Caseus, Ibiza, Zinc or Miya's Sushi.

      Istanbul Cafe, Bentara, and Soul De Cuba are good options for something a little more ethnic.

      Heirloom is good too, but I've heard it's inconsistent. Union League is excellent but not at all adventurous, it's very much traditional French and a little stuffy.

      Edit: I see you went with Heirloom which was probably a better choice for what you wanted than Union League. But now you have a few other options should you come again. ;)

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      1. re: Stylo

        Actually, Stylo, you are correct, it was inconsistent. The fava bean dip and warm ricotta app were standouts. The duck salad and grilled cheese/soup, not so much. But its a pretty room and we were happy enough. We had tapas at place next to the Omni for dinner the night before and that was quite good too. We'll be back to New Haven and try some more from your list - thanks!

        1. re: Voyaginmama

          Barcelona right? Excellent restaurant, there's actually several in southwest CT. Ibiza is excellent for tapas too, as are Nini's and Pacifico. Ibiza straight Spanish, Nini's more Italian, and Pacifico more South/Central American. Then there's Bistro Basque in Milford which has excellent tapas and is Basque style, which is unique. You'd need a car though, but it's a lovely restaurant in a very nice setting in Milford's beautiful downtown and harbor area.