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Mar 1, 2012 09:20 AM

Help with choosing menu for 90th birthday party at Bottega

We're planning a 90th birthday party at Bottega in April. We have 20 people, so will need to use the private dining and special menu choices. Can anyone offer any suggestions as to stand-out menu items? The special Spring menu does limit us a bit, but I'm sure that we can make a few seasonal changes and/or plan a few additions. Anyone out there with some favorites??

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  1. I've been up to Bottega several times for both lunch and dinner, loved it every time. Off of the menu that is already provided I know the short ribs are excellent, slow cooked and moist. The beets (for the antipasti are also great.

    If you can try something off of the spring menu, I would highly recommend the polenta under glass (antipasti) . One of my favorite dishes of all time.