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Mar 1, 2012 09:19 AM

Leslieville Cheese on Donlands

Just noticed a sign in the window of a small shop on Donlands north of Plain, east side. Leslieville Cheese Market is opening there on March 15th. I'm looking forward to having them jn the neighbourhood.

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  1. That's turning into a pretty good little strip. Select Bakery, Simba Grill, etc..

    1. That's great news! Funny I was driving by today and my mother asked me if I had tried the fish and chips place on that strip. Haven't yet but would love to. Also am really wanting to try the menonite butcher, I think it's called fresh from the farm?

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      1. re: Baelsette

        The fish and chip place isn't bad. Certainly not fine dining but they're friendly and the grub's good.

        1. re: Baelsette

          Fresh from the Farm is best for eggs, some interesting preserves (imported and local) and maybe seasonal produce. I wouldn't call it a butcher as most of the meat is frozen prepackaged. You can order some decent pork products from them but I was never thrilled with the beef and the chicken seemed pricey (but I didn't do a true price comparison with other naturally raised sources). Some of the stuff they sourced from other providers like St John's bakery seemed less than fresh to me. I haven't been in a while though. They are sincere people though and trying to do something different.

          1. re: julesrules

            FFTF always has fresh meat on Thurdays, Fridays and Saturday. I usually buy eggs and fresh ducks there, and oxtail when available. I don't bother with the beef and chicken.
            It's true that they have a selection of frozen meat, but I don't buy that. There is a better selection of St John's bread at the Big Carrot, but I have not found the bread to be "less than fresh". I usually stop in at FFTF on my way to Karlovo Meats on Cosburn, which has better bacon and other interesting sausages, plus other items like bulgarian feta.

            1. re: foodyDudey

              I find their pork, ground beef and sausages to be decent. The steaks have been a disappointment, and they're quite pricey.

              1. re: hal2010

                I've found that many of the pork and sausage products have more fat than I like. The bacon has been inconsistent, sometimes it's too salty. The beef is not aged, and I like aged steaks. I really have to pick and choose what I buy there now. Many of the other items they prepare themselves cost more than I am willing to pay. I can buy a small container of soup from FFTF for around $10, or make 5 litres at home for about that price and 20 minutes of work.

                1. re: foodyDudey

                  I have ordered my Thanksgiving/Xmas turkeys from FFTF and they were lovely....

                  1. re: tochowchick

                    That's true, any of the fresh turkeys and ducks are great. That's where I buy mine. I'm just not a fan of the pork and most of the meat. As they say, YMMV

                    1. re: tochowchick

                      I have always found their turkeys superb, as well as all the on the bone hams I've ordered. Have not found better.

          2. Awesome! I'm just near by at greenwood and danforth. Look forward to having them in the hood.


            1. Nice, thanks for all the info!

              1. Just wanted to post that they are now open. I went in yesterday to check them out, very small store with a smaller selection of cheese than their Queen location. They had a few breads (probably from Ace or Fred's), some croissants and a few treats and a nice selection of dips and crackers. Everything was 15% yesterday and I am assuming today too since it seems to be an opening special that has been going on since Thursday.
                Everyone working there was extremely friendly and helpful. And I learned that there will be an espresso bar opening next door in another month or 2.

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                1. re: cheesymama

                  I agree. The selection was very modest. Very nice staff and eager to please.

                  We were wondering what was going in next door. Good to know, love the idea of an espresso bar. We pass by there often so it will be handy.

                  1. re: cheesymama

                    An espresso bar you say? The strip needs some good coffee! I can't wait!