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Mar 1, 2012 08:46 AM

Murphy's Irish Stout in Calgary, Alberta??

Hi everyone...I have been told about this beer by a friend of mine from the UK, she says that "Murphy's Irish Stout" is the "best" stout in the world!!! But I am unable to find it here in Calgary!!! If anyone knows of a place that carries this awesome beer, please please let me know!!!! Thanks for everyone's help!!

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  1. Dawnerson:

    Yes Murphy's is indeed a decent stout. I do not live in Calgary but I think I did have it at the pub in Eau Claire...the one which is just across the lane from Joey's, the Barley Mill? It was some time ago so I do not know if they still stock it.

    It was originally poured for me at the Irish Times in Victoria...Guiness without that sharp after-taste

    Good luck

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Thanks Bob...Victoria is where she has had it before as well...and I do go to Victoria myself quite a bit, so will try it there next time!! But, still hoping for a place here in Calgary!! I will check out the Barley Mill this weekend!! Thanks again!

      1. re: Dawnerson

        It's not on their online liquor menu: Better call ahead of time to make sure.

        I checked Craft Beer Market and Beer Revolution's menus too... It's not there.

        I *think* I saw this for sale at Willow Park though... I can check this weekend.

        1. re: cellophane_star

          Fantastic, thanks cellophane_star!!! I would LOVE to be able to get it and give it to her for her birthday!! Thanks for doing all this tracking!!! I appreciate all the help!!! Let me know...

          1. re: Dawnerson

            No prob! I'm going to Willow Park anyway this weekend for Crave's new Craving of the Month (BOSTON CREAM!)

    2. Nope, not at the moment. It is a very nice stout, though. Mill Street makes a nice one called Cobblestone available at a few different bars in the city like Craft, Beer Revolution (sometimes - their menu constantly changes) or Vicious Circle. It's only available on draft right now. If you're looking for bottled stouts, the better wine shops and liquor stores (Kensington Wine Market,, Willow Park, Crowfoot Main, J. Webb) carry good selections.

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      1. re: Leibowitz

        Thanks for the advise...I will check it out!!!

      2. I checkedWillow Park today; I didn't spot it but the place was insanely busy with many empty spots on the shelves. I didn't ask 'Dave the Beer Guy' if they carried it so it might be worth calling to ask.

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        1. re: cellophane_star

          Thanks for doing all that for me...I really appreciate all your time and advise!! I will call today!!

          1. re: Dawnerson

            Hey Dawnerson,

            You might be out of luck. . . for now.
            I swung by the Liquor Connect website ( and did a search for the product to no avail. If it was in the province, the handy search link would literally draw you a map to the place you could buy it.
            It may have been here--and I think I recall seeing it--but is presently "retired" or between agents.
            Your best bet now? Bootlegging.

            1. re: MrBDG

              Hi MrBDG...
              Crappy...although, bootlegging is an option!! Thanks for checking at liquorconnect!!

              1. re: Dawnerson

                Liquor Connect is a good resource but not all alcohol flows through them. There are other distribution channels especially for beers - if one were to search for Molson Canadian on Liquor Connect, you wouldn't find it.
                Heineken has the Canadian distribution rights to Murphy's which in turn is managed by Molson's. So you might inquire with Molson's.

                  1. re: cancowboy

                    Very true, CanCowboy--but with Imports made outside Canada, LiquorConnect is the best source. Despite Molson's relationship with Heineken, the Dutch beer is still distributed through Connect.
                    Domestically-produced Big Beer brands--it's BDL all the way.

                    1. re: MrBDG

                      Thanks for the clarification - I have only noticed (in the past) that things didn't turn up in a search but didn't think too hard about a pattern.

                      In any case, the horse's mouth will give a definitive answer.

          2. You might want to try the Hockley. I think I have seen it here.


            I have tried the Dark and it is pretty good, though not a stout.

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            1. I'm looking for this beer in Calgary too for my son. I have been in touch with Molson and the BDL who supplies it and am still waiting to hear back from Heineken. It is apparently only available in 50 L kegs. It isn't sold in Alberta but it is sold in BC. The closest I have come is a pub in Rossland, BC. It's about 31/2 hours West of Fernie. I have been calling pubs in Golden and Fernie and haven't had any luck as of yet. I've even spoken with managers of many of the Irish pubs in Calgary and most of them haven't even heard of it but a few of them have asked me to bring some in if I ever do find it. If I track some down I will let you know.