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Mar 1, 2012 08:42 AM

March 2012 Openings and Closings

Have any of you heard about any restaurant openings or closings in the Boston area for this month? I know that Grass Fed in JP is very close to opening, and Moksa in Cambridge should open later this month.

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  1. I'm thinking this is the month for Yakitori Zai to open in the South End, based on steady construction work on the place and their calendar for cultural events, which begins March 11 with classes on skewers/skewering and sake.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      Well, I walked by the place this afternoon at the very hour they were supposed to start their first classes. The place is still boarded up with construction paper in the windows and the old Joe V's sign still on the front door.

      I can't wait for this place to open.

    2. "Gourmet Garden" just opened in the former "Asian C" location on route 53 in Hingham southbound, just before Queen Anne's Corner. This is at least the seventh restaurant in this location since 1976. Yikes!
      Hope to Enjoy,

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      1. re: CocoDan

        I've been. It was very good. My brother and his family are regulars there. He said it is all the same, owners and staff. I think they may have expanded their sushi selections.

        I just got a notice from Thrillist, saying, "the couple behind cultish C'town fave King Fung Garden has triumphantly returned after three years of exile in Brookline to launch China King, a not-quite-as-tiny eatery slinging all their popular classics in an interior decked with festive gold-fringed paper lanterns and red walls, which've been equally distributed all around the room. "
        China King
        60 Beach St, at Oxford; Chinatown; 617.542.1763

        I don't know if they're keeping the Brookline spot open.

        1. re: CookieLee

          Pretty sure the Brookline location has been open for considerably more than three years. More like 6 or 7, I think.

          1. re: Luther

            Almost exactly 6 years - there are a couple of early reports from mid-March 2006 that mention that the Brookline location had been open a few days.

          2. re: CookieLee

            I've tried China King a couple of times now and thought based on the menu that it was King Fung related. Ive tried Hon Sue Lamb on rice and just today braised pork belly with preserved mustard greens (Kao Yuk Moo Choy). Good flavors with quality meats used. Moo Choy were too saucy for my liking and the prok belly could have been braised longer, but I quibble. It's a good addition to Ctown.

            1. re: CookieLee

              That's great to hear! Not only was the food consistently excellent at the old KFG, they're lovely people. We'll have to get over there and get our fill of hon sue lamb and Shanghai noodles.

              1. re: CookieLee

                I had dinner here for the first time tonight, and was mildly disappointed. It was more of a mixed bag, and I hope this is just some new opening adjustments to be made.

                Had ginger onion beef stir fry (can't remember the proper English name) and enjoyed this dish. Nice job on not completely wilting or charring the scallions and onion piece, and seasoned very well. I remember the original KFG having more thinly sliced beef which gave the dish a better texture overall Also had a stir fried rice cake dish with "za cai" (preserved vegetables) and pork. Dish was quite good with soft, well cooked rice cakes (right amount of chewiness) and not overly salty, which is a danger with za cai. Dish was not overly oily.

                What was not so hot -- tofu hot pot. Bland, and under-seasoned, and had random thin slices of meat. My mom's choice, and didn't excite me on the menu, but so we learn. Potstickers / peking ravioli was the biggest disappointment. I remember KFG having wonderful (what tasted like) hand made raviolis that were delicious. These were clearly store bought, and looked almost deep fried rather than pan fried. Greasy and not memorable and came with an odd overly sweet sauce rather than vinegary salty sauce. Would not eat again even if they were on the house.

                I did see the 3 course peking duck dish on the menu, which I would like to try, if only to see if it's up to par with the old standard.

            2. Maybe this was mentioned in Jan. or Feb. but there are two new cafes on Cambridge St. in E. Camb. Around 6th street on each side of the street. Can't remember the names but both are pleasant spaces and not what you'd expect along that stretch. The one on the same side as Portugalia sells muffins for $3.99, that 's a lot for a muffin.

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              1. re: total13

                One of them is probably RJ's Gourmet (, which is on the same side at Portugalla. Don't know about the other one.

                Dwell Time Cafe in Cambridge (Broadway) should be opening very soon

                What about Davis Square Theatre?

                1. re: el_caballero

                  If feel like the opening of Dwelltime has been imminent since about October. This month's indications are Barismo's tweets that they've got a lot of training to do and that the copper bar is almost done. I'm rooting for them, but I've packed up my vigil.

                  RJ's is having a free espresso tasting tonight at 6:30pm. They'll have beer there tonight too somehow (err, license?).

                  1. re: emannths

                    I liked RJ Gourmet a lot when we went. Beautiful space, nice folks, and excellent coffee. But those pastry prices are outrageous! It was enough to keep us from ordering food there.

                    Also, I'd say there is no doubt that dwelltime will open, so don't worry about that if it's crossed your mind. I've heard this month too, though it does sound like there are a few more things to do.

                  2. re: el_caballero

                    Last week there was a wgbh segment on the cafe culture in Boston, and one of the dwelltime proprietors (Israel Fridman) was a guest. The segment (which aired on 3/5) claimed that dwelltime was "set to open in two weeks." I'm not holding my breath, but am cautiously optimistic.

                    If you are interested:

                  3. re: total13

                    The other one is Cafe Kafofo. It's right across from Mayflower Poetry and has been open a couple months. I've had their coffee & their muffins. Both excellent! They offer discounts on LevelUp, and make sandwiches. I have not tried RJ yet, so can't compare.

                      1. re: bear

                        Tell that to the chickens! *rimshot*

                  4. Not sure of the timing, but per the Herald, Frank McClelland is seling the original Sel de la Terre location near the Aquarium. The rumor about him collaborating on a casual Somerville restaurant is true: he's opening a "cowboy BBQ" joint called La Brasa.

                    The old SDLT (which I'm sad about: I like it much better than the Mandarin one) will become something called City Landing, from a chef/owner who recently ran restaurants at the Wequassett country club.


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                    1. re: MC Slim JB

                      I'm shocked he owned that space. I always assumed that old Eaton Vance building was under one owner, and Legal and SDLT rented.

                      1. re: mkfisher

                        The Herald bit doesn't mention the real estate. I know nothing about this particular sale but I do know that restaurants are often bought and sold without the real estate. It wouldn't surprise me if the business was sold separately, with the new owners making an independent agreement to take over the lease or create a new one with the landlord.

                    2. Pizzapalooza in Newton will be leaving that location at the end of the month. They're looking for a new space in the Newton/Needham area.