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Mar 1, 2012 08:40 AM

Smaller bottles of Luxardo Maraschino (and others)

Do bottles smaller than 750ml of Maraschino even exist in the US? I've seen a few unsubstantiated online references to smaller bottle sizes, and my liquor store is checking to see if they can order it, but no one seems to stock a smaller size.
The same seems to go for Creme de Violette and other less-popular liqueurs. I can easily use up 750ml of a liqueur like Cointreau, but I can't see myself EVER needing that much Creme de Violette. I think I'd be happy for a long time with just a 50ml nip.

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  1. I haven't noticed any and that is on my list to get. If it's anything like St Elizabeth Allspice liqueur, the price difference is negligible - one place had the 375 for $24 and the 750 for $30 (I found it elsewhere for $28).

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      Yes- the guy at the liquor store told me that even if he could find me a 375 it would probably be around $20; while the 750 is $30. I would still probably get the 375 if I didn't have big plans for the maraschino- when you're on a budget an extra $10 off helps even if you're paying more per ounce.

      1. re: tinnywatty

        See if you can get Maraska Maraschino. I got a bottle for $20/liter. While I like Luxardo's a bitter better, Maraska is a still good, albeit softer (which isn't a bad thing considering some people don't like the intensity of Luxardo's). It gets called for a bit in the Left Coast Libations cocktail book.

        I do have nips of Luxardo Maraschino that I got at Tales of the Cocktail. Not sure how widely distributed that size is though.

        1. re: yarm

          I haven't seen any Maraska Maraschino in my area (have seen the slivovitz though)- I can do some calling around. Thanks for the tip!

          1. re: tinnywatty

            Curious - would recipes need adjustment if Maraska is substituted for Luxardo?

            1. re: tinnywatty

              Out of laziness, no. Out of proper methods, yes.

              I know to convert Luxardo into Stock Maraschino recipes, one bartender subbed 2 parts Luxardo to 1 part simple syrup (1:1) to make for the more mild flavored version. Not sure how to go backward or whether that conversion works for both Stock and Marasca.

          2. re: yarm

            "A bitter better." I like the way you think.

      2. I have picked up miniatures of Absente and a 375-ml bottle (IIRC) of St George Absinthe. Haven't seen small bottles of any that you mention.

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        1. re: ted

          Yes, I see mini bottles of absinthe all the time- probably since the full size bottle is so expensive. It's the less-popular liqueurs that don't seem to be commonly found in small bottles (or maybe I have a mistaken perception of the popularity of absinthe since it's a big favorite amongst my friends).