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Mar 1, 2012 08:14 AM

food to go near commanders palace?

my boyfriend and i will be coming down to nola mid may. we are having brunch at cp on sunday and then plan to drive out to oak alley plantation. i am looking for a good sandwich shop/restaurant near cp or on our way to oak alley where we can get some food to go. food will need to last til later in the day since it is a snack for our car ride home from oak alley. any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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  1. The St. James Cheese Company does a fine sandwich (and, of course, has a pretty wide cheese selection). On the same block is a reasonable wine shop. Between the two is seems like you could construct what you're looking for.

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      Good suggestion. Magazine Street will give you other choices.

      And if you do a search here concerning restaurants convenient to plantation tours you will find some upriver suggestions.