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Mar 1, 2012 08:11 AM

Pickiness: The Secret Eating Disorder

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  1. It is an interesting perspective and a phenomena that I haven't really given much thought to.

    I always take some issue with the lay press labeling everything a "disorder" (not just this). Psychological disorders are very serious and are clearly defined in the DSM. Diluting disorders by calling everything a "disorder" is a destructive path in my opinion.

    I did like how the article indicated that this behavior may be the result of PTSD or OCD, making it a symptom not a disorder unto itself.

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    1. re: thimes

      That is what captured my attention. At first I thought it was the disorder of the month type of tripe. But the more I read the more it shaped up to be something far more pronounced and real.

    2. Depending on how you define "disorder" every Chowhound suffers from a eating disorder.

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        "Depending on how you define "disorder" every Chowhound suffers from a eating disorder."

        Still going through it on a semi-regular basis. To wit: "Hey, I tink dis order was mine?" "Dat one's youz order for sure"

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          Well after reading through the thread about food rules I'd have to agree

        2. "Pickiness: The Secret Eating Disorder Nobody’s Talking About."

          Without even getting into other more serious aspects of this, I can tell you that people who have this eating disorder talk about it an awful lot.

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          1. re: ratgirlagogo

            Ha. It's true for a lot of picky-and-proud types. I think the truly disordered are probably pretty rare and not talking about it much.

            I used to have NO tolerance for picky eating (at least not in my head!). But years ago a former-picky-eater-turned-chowhound posted about their past and how they reformed. It truly was a phobia for them, with a real fear of unknown flavours and textures. In their case it was something they were able to overcome with time and effort. I gained some understanding and compassion via that post.

          2. Interesting. Now that i have young kids and read a lot of hippie parenting boards, many young children her our picky also have oral aversions.

            1. in college one of my roommates only ate the following: plain hamburger with salt; King's Hawaiian Bread; plain cheese pizza; and Hershey's Kisses. he couldn't eat anything else. it was really sad. he's now all grown up married with kids. he's seems to be really struggling but according to his Facebook page he's made some progress.