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Mar 1, 2012 06:41 AM

Almond Butter - a good brand?

I just bought some Maranatha (sp?) almond butter that was on sale at Whole Foods. My first foray into Almond butter. I don't really like it. Checking the ingredients I see added oil. Did I just get a crappy brand?

As reference, my prefered peanut butter is Santa Cruz Dark roast from WF.

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  1. Discovered Blue Diamond organic almond butter with honey just before the company stopped retailing it , citing leaky jar problems :(

    No word on their progress in fixing the problem. It's worth watching for it.

    1. Try to find one that is just almonds, and salt if you like it salted. Some health food stores grind their own, which is the best.

      1. a real trigger food for me, so i don't keep it in the house. but, back in the day, i really like trader joe's unsalted, raw (not roasted) smooth almond butter.