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Mar 1, 2012 05:13 AM

Croatia in May (Split & Hvar)

I'll be spending a week in Croatia in May, a few days in Split and the rest in Hvar. I've looked on the board but there is very little current info for Split and nothing for Hvar. I have looked at for Split and like what I see but would appreciate any feedback so we can narrow down our options.

Specifically I'm looking for any recommendations for great cheap eats and good quality local specialty sit down dinners, seafood would be the best dinner focus for us. In Split we're a few blocks from the main port and while on the island we're in Hvar town.

In Hvar we'll have a house with kitchen so I'd also appreciate any info on local markets (veg, seafood and other).

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  1. Will look up Split info for you. Although we've been to Croatia many times we have been spending our time in Istria (mainly). I do not have a lot of experience with Hvar, however.

    1. Giving this thread a bit of a bump to see if it catches anyone's eye... 1 month till we head out the door to Split and Hvar.


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        In Split

        Konoba Marjan

        In Hvar


        All good and in no particular order. Enjoy!

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          Oh, wow. So sorry - I said I would respond and I did not! I do like and agree with the above suggestions. Are you planning on going outside of these places into rural areas?

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            We will have a chance while on Hvar to get out of town, but Split will be short and sweet and focused on the city. I'll take any recommendations for the island.

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              In Stari |Grad

              Eremitaz and Zrin next door(cheaper menu)

              In Jelsa


              Was in Hvar last summer and found it fairly expensive. Check the quieter parts for better deals.

            1. re: Aishling

              Hi everyone,

              My wife and I were in Croatia in May 2012 and we took recommendations from this board. In Split we enjoyed Sperun very much. The next evening we tried Kadena.

              Croatia does not allow smoking in closed areas, such as restaurants. Kadena tries to get around this by offering a smoking area and a non-smoking area. However, the barrier, or separation, between the two areas is a 3-meter wide open door. When we asked for the door to be closed, the waiter closed half of it. If you enjoy dining in a non-smoking area that is permeated by smoke, Kadena is for you. We left.

              But we do have two recommendations for Zadar. FoŇ°a (pronounced Fozha) served excellent, fresh gourmet food. And Bruschetta was also very good.

          2. Lucky you! Both are beautiful places. Theres a great pizza restaurant, we normally get takeout, in split called galija. Have a lovely cold beer at the bar while you wait. You can eat in too, ts a busy family place, not posh. Good value. Lovely pizza.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions, off to Hvar later this week and will report back later in the month.