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Jan 17, 2002 09:17 AM

Eel, anyone?

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Does anyone know a restaurant in San Diego that serves eel? I've eaten eel at Sushi Ota but can't find it otherwise. I'm not looking for Seafood Soup with eel but just plain eel, baked, broiled, stewed or anyway they like to do it.

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  1. You didn't quite specify the "cuisine" you were interested in, is it just Japanese???? If you want a "quick" fix of Una-Don you might find it in the Deli at Nijiya on Convoy.
    For other interesting things...the Shanghainese have a "famous" (to quote my wife)Eel dish. I've tried it at New Shanghai Restaurant at 4681 Convoy Street, there was nothing especially memorable about the dish, tho' I ate a really great salt-pepper deep fried pork chop there.
    I also know that when we lived in Rowland Heights the Korean establishments there made a wonderful broiled Eel...but have not looked for that here in SD.

    Good Eating

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      This is another possibility for you: a number of German delicatessen stores sell smoked Eel.
      It is delicious, so give it a try.
      I live in Sacramento, but surely your area has a number of German stores as well.

    2. You should be able to find eel at almost any decent Japanese restaurant or sushi bar. The Japanese name for it is unagi. If all you want is an eel dish, I like unagi donburi--which is mostly just eel and sauce on top of steamed rice. I'll bet if you call 5 Japenese restaurants, at least 4 will have eel.

      1. Ichiban on University does a very good Eel...some over rice some sushi style. Not a big part of the menu, but nonetheless it is very much as you would get in Tokyo or most of the rest of Japan.
        Not to mention the rest of their dishes are just like Obachan used to make...