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Mar 1, 2012 04:13 AM

Fish and Shrimp in Broward Count

In-laws are visiting from up north and they want "a 'nice' piece of mahi and shrimp." In the past, we have taken them to 17th Street Fisheries, Quarter Deck, Catfish Dewey's, and Southport.
Any new suggestions? You can see that we are tending towards the casual end of the spectrum.
We were considering Seafood World or Whale's Rib up in Pompano...
Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. I would suggest (surprise) Calypso in Pompano. Super-fresh fish, - usually 5 or so species to choose from, prepared many different ways. Excellent sides. Casual, friendly. Not cheap but not bank-breaking either.

    Much more of a mom/pop place than *most* of the places you mentioned (same owners - a couple - for 22 years).

    You can check them out on the web, on FB to get daily fresh fish updates, or search this board for more info.

    It's also got the Florida/Caribbean atmosphere - your northerners may appreciate that. One catch: closed Sat and Sun.

    1. Ate at Calypso once ...very soupy seafood Paella.
      If you want casual and don't mind the hammering, Rustic Inn has Key West shrimp, Great Conch chowder and pretty good fish..... Yes you do not have to go there for the crabs! Love those Goldens!

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      1. re: Bigstu99

        Ate at Calypso several hundred times, and have brought dozens of people there, over past 22 years.

        Is it Per Se or Le Bernardain? No. But for me and whomever I've taken/sent, never a disappointing meal. Not once.

        But don't take it from me. Check out some other online sites with, for example, 65 reviews. And before you say "they're rigged", almost all of them are from "senior reviewers".

        PS: I'm not friend nor family with owners nor anyone who works there.

        1. re: CFByrne

          Honestly, I don't understand why people post here and say "look at other online sites." If folks wanted information from other online sites they would go there.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            >Honestly, I don't understand why people post here and say "look at other online sites."
            > If folks wanted information from other online sites they would go there


            I'd be willing to bet I've made nearly a thousand posts on this board. I'd also be willing to bet I've posted more links to internal Chowhound discussions than ANYONE on this board.

            Anyone want to take that bet? Just let me know.

            And yet here I'm getting attacked for daring to once suggest an outside site that might have more pertinent or consolidated info on a subject.

            Additionally, I think it's a mistake to assume that people posting questions here are even aware of some of the other resources. For heaven’s sake, 95% of the time they are not even willing to search this very board!

            Ever see a post “Where’s a good place to eat in Miami?” Yeah - how about every day? So I think it’s a big mistake assuming “If folks wanted information from other online sites they would go there.”

            And I don't see a problem in pointing them out and helping these folks out, when I may not have the time or inclination to write something up myself.

            I haven’t seen a lot of complaints from the many many folks I’ve helped out. Not sure why I’m getting attacked here.

            1. re: CFByrne

              First, it's not a personal attack, no reason to take it as such.

              Second, you make my point - people are here to read YOUR opinion and those of the other folks who contribute. You shouldn't feel obligated to support your own opinion by referring to 65 reviews on some other site.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions - we eat at Calypso quite often, and enjoy their jerked chicken wings!
        Unfortunately we are looking for a Sunday night option - sorry I didn't mention that in the original post.

        1. Calypso is great but due to them not being open on weekends, I eat there about once ever year or 2. I guess this business model works for them but it seems a crazy to me. If it were open on at least Saturday, I'd probably dine there 5 times a year.

          1. CFByrne.... I feel your pain, Yes you were being attacked, Not sure why....I enjoy and listen to your posts because I think you are very well informed when it comes to local restaurants... I will continue to listen and read yours, and others reviews.Keep up the good work

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            1. re: HotMelly

              First let me say CFByrne was being attacked part of which I think was the fact that he took my personnal bad experience to heart and took it very personnel. which it wasn't. Now I was going to go into the rest of my bad experience there but then I realised I was talking about OLD CALYPSO IN DELREY,. Not Calypso in Pompano. Me bad and my apologies for getting you all rilled up!