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Alameda: Monkey King Pub & Grub - Fusion Mien/Laotian?

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Now that would be something, eh?

Don't know know the reliability of what I've read. It opened this week. Anyone been?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Monkey king pub is definitely an upscale wannabe. the highlights are the mural depicting the monkey king surrounded by icebergs, a waterfall, blue lake, blue skies, and browning and green trees. the lowlights are the food and the forgetable service or lack of it. heartell the drinks are good. the menu is basically chinese with a few pan asian items added. cheap ingredients (swai fillets, not rock cod) and poor cooking techniques (garlic granules not dissolved, still lumpy) makes this place a drink stop only. had the fish & chip (9) and garlic noodle(6)

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        Thanks for taking the bullet ... sorry if I led you blind-folded to the front of the firing squad.

        Kind of wish Yelp had enemies as well as friends ... people you could flag as not being reliable and to ignore. My one food soul mate though, pretty much has led me to some great stuff ... not Monkey though ... some of those were people i want to put on my enemies list.

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          i wouldn't blame them too much. everyone's tastebuds are different. many buds are still undeveloped. look how popular americanized chinese food still is.

          if you see my ratings, most places on park i gave 2 stars to, only scolari, that dog place and q got 4 stars. i don't mind going in blind. it's a challenge to get it right the first time, without reading all the previous reviews.