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Feb 29, 2012 10:45 PM

Berkeley Bowl - limequats and 69 cent lb asparagus

Lots of great asparagus deals at BBW, the least expensive being pencil asparagus for 69 cents lb (from Mexico)

The limequat which is in the tropical fruit section near the baby pineapples, was something new to me. This blog has a great photo and a good description ... they are about the size of a large kumquat.

"Like a kumquat, biting into a limequat – peel and all – for the first time can be startling ... After the initial mouth-puckering rush of tart juice and pulp, the flavor grows more complex with the taste of floral-sweet peel and just a hint of bitterness. We didn't expect to become so enamored of these little yellow fruits, but they are quite exceptional."

Yeah. That first bite is startling and the complexity of the floral hint is nice. The above blogger thought they were too tart to eat raw, but I think anyone who can handle a kumquat can handle these.

However, the first thought was that I bet they would make a pretty fabulous drink ... of the alcoholic type.

This site has links to a few drink recipes and one nice looking jam ... at almost five bucks a pound though, that seems a little pricy ... plant your own tree for that one.

Wiki on limequats in general. There are three varieties and I have no clue which one this was.

Gratuitous tips

The Tradiro tomatoes are not bad for this time of year. They are strongly acidic. Grown in California.
Choboni passion fruit yogurt is excellent. The only passion fruit yogurt that actually tasted of that fruit. There are a few crunchy seeds as a bonus.

Tried the blood orange (meh) ... just pink. The pineapple yogurt was ok, but but nothing came close to the greatness of the passion fruit

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  1. Cool post! I have never heard of limequats. Anyone seen them elsewhere, especially in San Francisco?

    Dave MP

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    1. re: Dave MP

      I've seen limequats at the Berkeley Farmers' Market from Ram Das Orchard.

    2. I bought a little limequat tree last year. Unfortunately, my dog just jumped all over the planter it's in trying to get to the possum on the fence -- who knows what condition the daylight will reveal it to be in.

      1. Slightly OT, but has anyone else around here seen something called a "Seville blood orange"? Miramonte farms was selling these at the Civic Center farmer's market and I bought a couple, never having seen them before. I don't think they are Moro or Tarocco blood oranges - rather, the color is pink-tinged like a Tarocco but the flavor is extremely tart like a Seville orange, making me think they might be a cross. Hadn't heard of this hybrid before though.

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        1. re: bigwheel042

          Maybe it was a Sanguinello which was discovered in Spain and someone called it Seville.

          1. re: rworange

            I don't think so, unless they are selling unripe ones. Sanguinellos are sweet and this thing is seriously sour.