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San Diego Happy Hour

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I am looking for the best Happy Hour in San Diego. Some place that is fun, loud and cheap.

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  1. Don't know about cheap, but the lounge on top of the Hyatt at Seaport Village has a great view and seems to have gone loud to cater to the younger crowd.

    1. People from my work go to Moose's downtown for their happy hour. Very cheap drinks, decent cheap fried appetizers, loud and crowded. I like their wings - not very hot, but plentiful. It's tough to get a table, but why sit down when you can take advantage of the fabulous dance floor and crappy 80s music? If you ingratiate yourself to the staff, they might point out a table whose occupants are about to clear out.

      I'm fond of Pacific Beach Bar & Grill, which has a LONG happy hour, cheap food, drink specials, and lots of pretty Californians. Share an order of mud pie, which is three bucks and the size of your head. Their combo platters are also good and HUGE and cheap during happy hour. It's fairly loud. Sometimes there's dancing or comedy or a stupid bar game show. Once "Elimidate" was shooting when I was there. It was the high point of my existence.

      1. There are so many options; what neighborhood do you prefer? In PB, PB Bar and Grill and Moondoggies are probably the best fit. In the Gaslamp, Whiskey Girl is pretty good. I usually go to www.happyhoursd.net to find ideas for new places to go.

          1. In downtown, I would head to McCormick & Schmicks, provided the Padres are not in town. They offer an excellent bargain menu (i.e. 1/2 lb charbroiled burger with steak fries for only $ 1.95) Happy hour specials not offered on nights of ball games....Pacific Beach is also excellent, with World Famous offering an ocean view, a wide array of cheap but excellent appetizers, and a casual bar ambience.

            1. You have to roll off the beach and walk up to Lahaina Beach House(On the Boardwalk between Reed Avenue and Pacific Beach Drive). I've never had any food there but there are drinks-o-plenty. It's very casual. Many people will still be in their bathing suits (if it's a nice day). Be sure to be there when the sun goes down....Just a hint...it will be loud.

              1. Believe it or not, Mortons has had a happy hour and they serve steak sanwiches. Call before to verify.

                1. This is from 2002. Somehow I doubt anyone is checking for replies, know what I'm sayin?

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                    Josh, come on, everyone loves a good happy hour and I can't believe you don't. This thread may be 4 years old, but just think of all the new people that have shown up here in that period of time. Happy Hour is kinda universal if you're over 21, or under 21 with a fake ID.

                    And here's my entry for a fun, loud and cheap Happy Hour. And this one is for those of us who just might have celebrated the 10 anniversary of our 30th B-day ;-) Bully's just off of Texas St. in Mission Valley. Their bartenders know how to pour a mixed drink, if you get there early enough they've got prime rib tidbits for free and there are lots of people from all those high rise office buildings.

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                      So...why did you reply? Happy hours are timeless.

                      Another favorite of mine is the happy hour at Donovan’s, free filet steak sandwiches and they are quite tasty!

                    2. The Liars Club. I can't believe no one mentioned that place. It's a block or two north of Saska's on Mission Blvd. I wouldn't say they have a real "happy hour" but they are pretty cheap. This place is so different from the typical MB or PB beach bars. The food is cheap and tasty. Over 25 different beers on tap and I mean "real" micros. Not Karl Strauss (don't make a fool of yourself and ask for that please) but stuff like Port Brewing, Ballst Point, Bear Republic, Green Flash, and many many more. The Juke box is one of the best in SD. If you like Sublime, Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, Godsmack and just about anything else that gets regualar radio play you won't find it here (and if you do like that stuff keep quite about it because you will be laughed at). If you like punk, garage, country (Johnny Cash, Hank Sr or III, Tex Ritter), rockabilly, pshycho billy and anything else that under the radar then this is your place. Unlike PB Bar and Grill or Moondoggies you won't find frat boy types, girls who get drunk and raise their arms over their head and go woo hoo (well they do get drunk).
                      On Fridays all local SD beers are 2.50 a pint. Can't go wring with that.