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Feb 29, 2012 07:48 PM

Are you a dessert person or not ?

Just curious. I would say I am not. I rarely order dessert when out to eat. Or have it when eating at home. I like to savor the flavor after a good meal and not top it off with sweets. Alot of people I know really love it. And you ?
Cheeses are often served after meals and I like that. I guess my question is for sweets.

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  1. Love desserts.

    Don't always have it at home, or order in a restaurant, but many times I do.

    Sometimes, I will even ask for the dessert menu first so that I can plan my appetizer and entree around my dessert selection. 'Natch.

    (Hate cheese, by the way. Hate cheese plates even more.)

    1. For me it depends. Most of the time I don't order dessert after dinner if we are going out. But if we are eating at home or at a party I typical do since I am normally the one that brings dessert. Unless there is something on the menu that I must absolutely have, I rather not have the dessert unless it is a couple hours later and we are going somewhere after dinner.

      1. I've been know to assign desserts to my family (sampling them all), eat my own (most of BF's), and order one to take home.

        Sometimes eat dessert at home (fruit, ice cream, cookies, cake, etc). But, I don't go out of my way to make dessert.

        1. Absolutely not. I almost never order a desert when out. Most of the time, I find sugar revolting. Sometimes certain deserts sound I ask my SO for a bite or two. They always sound more intriguing than they taste- all I can taste is sugar. Gross. When I make a desert, it for the benefit of my SO or my kids (not me). I can always do without.

          I adore cheese.

          1. If I eat sweets, it is very rarely a part of an actual meal in the way that dessert is, and more a little meal by itself. I usually only have it following a meal if I am either a guest in someone's home (and feel that it would be rude to decline), or if there is something unusual on offer. I have noticed that if I have a dinner that is a bit bitter, or acidic, then I might crave a sweetish creamy type of thing after. Otherwise, I save the pie for breakfast, or eat fage with honey and walnuts for quick lunch.

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              That is an interesting correlation between the bitter/acidic dinner and a creamy dessert. I am not a dessert person; I rarely get cravings for anything sugary. But my meals often highlight bitter and sour elements and I usually end up wanting something a little rich afterwards so I might have some cheese or a bit of yogurt, though a small pour of eggnog or a spoonful or custard would easily sate me, too.