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Are you a dessert person or not ?

Just curious. I would say I am not. I rarely order dessert when out to eat. Or have it when eating at home. I like to savor the flavor after a good meal and not top it off with sweets. Alot of people I know really love it. And you ?
Cheeses are often served after meals and I like that. I guess my question is for sweets.

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  1. Love desserts.

    Don't always have it at home, or order in a restaurant, but many times I do.

    Sometimes, I will even ask for the dessert menu first so that I can plan my appetizer and entree around my dessert selection. 'Natch.

    (Hate cheese, by the way. Hate cheese plates even more.)

    1. For me it depends. Most of the time I don't order dessert after dinner if we are going out. But if we are eating at home or at a party I typical do since I am normally the one that brings dessert. Unless there is something on the menu that I must absolutely have, I rather not have the dessert unless it is a couple hours later and we are going somewhere after dinner.

      1. I've been know to assign desserts to my family (sampling them all), eat my own (most of BF's), and order one to take home.

        Sometimes eat dessert at home (fruit, ice cream, cookies, cake, etc). But, I don't go out of my way to make dessert.

        1. Absolutely not. I almost never order a desert when out. Most of the time, I find sugar revolting. Sometimes certain deserts sound intriguing...so I ask my SO for a bite or two. They always sound more intriguing than they taste- all I can taste is sugar. Gross. When I make a desert, it for the benefit of my SO or my kids (not me). I can always do without.

          I adore cheese.

          1. If I eat sweets, it is very rarely a part of an actual meal in the way that dessert is, and more a little meal by itself. I usually only have it following a meal if I am either a guest in someone's home (and feel that it would be rude to decline), or if there is something unusual on offer. I have noticed that if I have a dinner that is a bit bitter, or acidic, then I might crave a sweetish creamy type of thing after. Otherwise, I save the pie for breakfast, or eat fage with honey and walnuts for quick lunch.

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              That is an interesting correlation between the bitter/acidic dinner and a creamy dessert. I am not a dessert person; I rarely get cravings for anything sugary. But my meals often highlight bitter and sour elements and I usually end up wanting something a little rich afterwards so I might have some cheese or a bit of yogurt, though a small pour of eggnog or a spoonful or custard would easily sate me, too.

            2. I don't find dessert the highlight of a good meal but it has its place. It's also something I don't order frequently when we dine out and on the rare occasions that I do order something it's usually a small bowl of ice cream.

              But I enjoy baking and frequently have cakes or tarts or cookies around the house. Periodically I will make a more extravagant dessert for the fun and challenge of it.

              My desserts and baked goods are almost always on the less sweet side, sometimes even almost savory as in the case of certain pound and crumb cakes.

              1. Not.

                Desserts are a rare thing at home and, more often than not, I won't order one in a restaurant. That said, when I have one, I usually enjoy it.

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                  +1 this. I rarely order one that I dislike because I only order if I absolutely must have.

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                    +2 If I have a dessert, it's either one my mom makes (she makes AMAZING desserts, and I was spoiled from a young age) or one that I've never seen/heard of before and that is a truly special sounding dessert. To put this in perspective, I can only remember ordering a dessert 6 times in a restaurant. I am made fun of in my family for being the ONLY one without a sweet tooth. I never make them at home, either.

                  2. Not a dessert person. We never have dessert at home and I rarely order a dessert when dining out. I love a good cheese course.

                    Others in my family, on the the other hand, are obsessed with desserts and like ipsedixit, will plan meals around the dessert. My own dear mother is known to pre-order/reserve her dessert prior to ordering her meal.

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                      I'm not a dessert person at all and have been known to pre-order the cheese to ensure it is not too chilled when it is served!

                    2. Not. Give me salty, cheesy, savory apps and a good dinner and I'm happy. The only desserts I ever order are tartufo, cheesecake, and creme brûlée and we're talking maybe one of the 3 per year.

                      1. So glad to see this thread! We are so NOT dessert people. Once in a great while if it's a special occasion or we have a gift card or something, we get a dessert when dining out at a nice place, but for your run of the mill meal, neither desired nor necessary in many ways for us.

                        1. Not really a desert person.

                          At restaurants, I rarely order desserts (except if part of a tasting menu), at home, I don't eat them either, except fruits later after ending the meal, or when I have people over.

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                            "...(except if part of a tasting menu)..."
                            This is one thing that I dislike about some tasting menus (in the US) especially the lengthier ones. I simply don't appreciate the multiple dessert courses they put in and would prefer just 1 dessert course (or 2, tops) if it has to be there. Including the plus fours and mignardises usually served at the end (sometimes *very* elaborate and extensive, too) the sweet stuff extends into multiple items *even if* "just one" dessert course was part of the menu proper. Sigh. I suppose these establishments cater to the infamous (in general) USAmerican sweet tooth?

                          2. I love dessert but rarely order it out and don't eat it at home on a regular basis. Why? Well to the first point, because the type of dessert that I most enjoy is far simpler than what is generally offered in a restaurant (I like old fashioned layer cakes, warm cookies, etc. not the frou frou desserts that are all over the majority of today's dessert menus). To the second point, I'm quite petite and dessert every day would pretty much wreak havoc with my girlish figure so it's more of an every so often thing. We are entering a phase where there will be many desserts in the house...little girl's birthday and birthday party so birthday cake and chocolate chip cookies will abound for a few weeks.


                            PS I also love cheese. I think I'd be far more likely to order cheese in a restaurant as it is something I won't buy for the house as I'm the only cheese eater here...but I think I'm either too cheap or too full to order it too often when we go out.

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                              i also love dessert but rarely order it and don't eat it at home. i used to have a major sweet tooth, but like you, i don't want to ruin all of the hard work i put into maintaining my figure! i have found though that the more focused i am on working out and eating a low-fat, healthy diet, i don't even crave the sweets as much.

                              that being said, there are definitely times when i can not resist!

                            2. I really like desserts, but I like appetizers and entrees better. Consequently, I almost never get a dessert at a restaurant, and we never have desserts at home. Plus, I'm usually too full to eat one anyway.

                              1. I am DEFINITELY a dessert person. I eat it at home (usually something like Haagen Dazs or TJ's chocolates) when the budget allows. We almost never order it out though, unless it's a special occasion- $6-7 for a slice of cake is far too expensive for me when I know i could make my own entire cake for much less. I'm also very fussy about desserts and that's too much to risk at those prices.

                                1. Not a dessert person. I have an anti-sweet tooth. I'm usually forced to eat cake and ice cream on my kids' birthdays. That's enough for me.

                                  I much prefer a cheese plate.

                                  1. I love dessert as long as is chocolate or a really good tiramisu or a fruity sorbet or . . . That being said, I order it maybe 1 out of every 10 dinners out and rarely have it at home. There are some restaurants where I always order dessert because I know how good they are.

                                    And then there are times friends and I will go out and just order appetizers and desserts.

                                    1. No. Desserts are usually to sweet for me. Perhaps it's because I grew up eating oranges for dessert.

                                      1. Not a huge dessert person. I'd rather spend the calories on an appetizer. I do like a bite of something sweet at the end of a spicy meal, though. When I do dessert, it is either fruit based or includes caramel/butterscotch.

                                        1. I never order dessert while dining out. If someone else at the table wants something, I will usually take a small bite. Desserts at most restaurants usually don't sound so appealing to me, as I prefer a good chocolate chip cookie or a simple bowl of ice cream.

                                          I rarely keep sweets in the house because I *do* enjoy them...that being said, sometimes I will buy a bar of good dark chocolate, throw it in the freezer, and enjoy with my hubby after dinner. Occasionally I get a craving for ice cream, so I will buy a small pint of whatever flavor sounds good.

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                                            I love dark chocolate...it's my weakness. Even my toddlers love it...they never get milk chocolate so 70%+ is all they know.

                                            1. re: rizzo0904

                                              It's the best indulgence! And always 70%+...I won't touch milk chocolate. Unless it's a frozen Reese's PB cup.

                                          2. I like fruit, if that counts, and maybe a plain buttery cookie/cake but I don't like anything more dessert-ish

                                            1. Never used to be until I was diagnosed with celiac. Now if I see a luscious dessert on a menu that I can have, sometimes I do because it is rare and therefore a treat. Having said that, my tastes almost always fall into the savoury versus sweet category. When making my own desserts they lean towards savoury (i.e. basil sorbet, Pavlova with pink peppercorns and cardamom, Earl Grey panna cotta...).

                                              1. I love dessert. We rarely have it at home, unless we have guests over...or my MIL who has a huge sweet tooth.

                                                Sometimes I order it when out, but I find most restaurants have pre-processed desserts that are overpriced. If I know a restaurant makes their desserts from scratch, then yes, I'll get some.

                                                And I dislike cream puffs, eclairs, meringues, custards, creme brulee...so that knocks a lot out right there.

                                                1. On very rare occasions like a birthday or anniversary I'll have a dessert. Otherwise, out of mind.

                                                  1. I like desserts with dark chocolate and/or fruit, but I am usually satisfied with one bite, so I rarely order dessert.

                                                    One exception: bread pudding in New Orleans.

                                                    1. I almost always have dessert at home, but rarely in a restaurant. Usually this is because restaurant portions are so large I rarely have room for dessert, but it's also because most restaurants serve boring desserts. Even some high end places seem to tack it on as an afterthought. If I have room at the end of a restaurant meal, I like to order the cheese plate instead.

                                                      1. I am a dessert lover, from a family of dessert lovers. It doesn't have to be big or fancy, it can just be cookies or ice cream. We usually have some sweets around to nibble on after dinner. There's a box of mint meltaways in the fridge right now, and sometimes one of those is all I need.
                                                        DH and I share a dessert at restaurants now and then, but we are usually simply too full to order one. We have been known to hit a frozen yogurt shop after lunch, if we're out shopping.

                                                        I do love creme brulee or flan, and I don't make those at home, so if we are somewhere nice, I will order one just for me, since they are small.

                                                        My grown sons love those warm cookies with the ice cream and chocolate on top, so if the four of us are out, we split one of those. The advantage of being Mom is that they make sure I get the good parts before they shovel it all down.

                                                        1. i like making them. its fun trying them out but i rarely eat more than a bit to try how it came out.

                                                          outside specials i've seen on social media or price fix menus that come with a dessert i'm not going to order a dessert out

                                                          1. I completely agree... I've never been a dessert guy...

                                                            1. I am not, like you.

                                                              I very seldom eat sweets, at home or dining out. On rare occasions I will have a brief period when I eat some sort of sweet thing because I developed a sudden hankering for it, but it soon passes and I revert back to my default of almost never having sweet stuff.

                                                              1. I rarely eat dessert, unless it's fresh fruit. Sometimes I'll cut up fruit and drizzle a Grand Marnier syrup on it.

                                                                But I do have a weakness for the occasional napolean, apple strudel, Dreyer's Rocky Road ice cream, bread pudding, and homemade tapioca pudding. When I know in advance that company's coming, I'll buy day-old croissants to make a brandied bread pudding.

                                                                I just don't understand why more people don't like tapioca pudding. The pre-made stuff is revolting, even to me, but the recipe for fluffy tapioca right off the box of Minute Tapioca is grand.

                                                                (Hmm, okay, maybe I DO like dessert.) :)

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                                                                1. re: RelishPDX

                                                                  <I just don't understand why more people don't like tapioca pudding. The pre-made stuff is revolting, even to me, but the recipe for fluffy tapioca right off the box of Minute Tapioca is grand.>


                                                                  1. re: viperlush

                                                                    To me, all of the little tapioca pearls have the texture of the inside of jelly beans. I've never heard of people having a texture problem with jelly beans.

                                                                    1. re: viperlush

                                                                      That's funny, most of the reason I like tapioca pudding is the texture!

                                                                  2. I'm with you. I very seldom order dessert, but if I do it's usually something that's not overly sweet. Instead of chocolate, I prefer pie. Instead of frosted cake, I'll usually go for cheese cake. Sometimes when my S.O. orders a sweet, I confess to stealing a taste or two, but that's about all that I can really eat.


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                                                                    1. re: Burghfeeder

                                                                      Huh. In general, I consider pie sweeter than chocolate. . . .

                                                                    2. If I know a restaurant has a good pastry chef, I usually want dessert, but generally only if I'm splitting it with someone.

                                                                      If desserts aren't that special, I don't bother. At home though, I eat ice cream nearly every night.

                                                                      1. I am not a dessert person. I much prefer savory vs. sweet. Even when I want something sweet, I prefer things like dark chocolate and other treats that aren't tooth-achingly sweet. I find many dessert recipes to contain way too much sugar for my liking and I usually end up reducing the amount called for. I will take a hunk of cheese over sweets any day.

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                                                                        1. re: mels

                                                                          Agree with the dark chocolate in particular. I much prefer *at least* 60% cacao. I dislike milk chocolate and will usually pass up anything offered to me (bon-bons, chocolate truffles, chocolatey desserts, etc) made with milk chocolate which is too sweet and too "dairy-ish" to me. If it is dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, I will consider it and/or have a piece.

                                                                          1. re: huiray

                                                                            Absolutely! Chocolate is best at 70% cacao and higher!

                                                                        2. YES YES YES. Chocolate is my life as is cream and butter and ICE CREAM! I also love to bake and the richer, more buttery, and creamier that better.

                                                                          This is the thing though. When I'm hungry, and my blood sugar is low, I want sweets. However, I want a meal before I have dessert normally. I'm a huge protein eater.

                                                                          After a meal of all of the things I should be eating, I usually do want dessert because I like the balance of it. I had my savory, now I want my sweet.

                                                                          That being said, I rarely ever eat dessert. I have been struggling for years to keep my weight under control, so I don't keep sweets in the house. The only time there are sweets in my house is if I'm making a homemade dessert for a dinner party.

                                                                          I used to order dessert almost every time I went out (and that was at least once a week), but I've cut that to once a month. Curses to this Paleo diet!

                                                                          1. Not usually. Every now and then I get a craving for something sweet...but not cloyingly sweet. For example, prefer slightly sweetened whipped cream frosting to butter cream. Sometimes just a glass of whole milk has enough sweetness to it to take care of any late night cravings. I would prefer an aperitif with coffee after dinner, never found any restaurant desserts to really pique my interest to spend the kind of money they get for a small piece of anything.

                                                                            1. Love dessert. Total sweet tooth here. That said, I don't often order dessert in a restaurant. Usually on special occasions. However, if the calories didn't count I would order dessert every time I ate out! I'm a bread basked, appetizer, dessert kind of girl. You can keep the entree.

                                                                              I've had a love of baking since my first Easy Bake Oven many, many years ago. I used to bake the mini cakes for my family and we would have them for dessert. My father would rave as if it was the best thing he ever ate!

                                                                              Love chocolate too. I do eat something sweet every day, even if it's just one piece of chocolate.

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                                                                              1. re: Jpan99

                                                                                I never get dessert at a restaurant or make them at home, but every once in a while the devil grabs a hold and ramps up my sweet tooth. At that point i"m just as likely to eat a Twinkie or two instead of lunch. I don't have bloood sugar problems, fortunately, but if I did I'd give up the sweets. I do't care to eat until I'm full and then pile dessert on top of it. I like the savory better for the most part.

                                                                              2. If I am in a place that does high-quality desserts, I will usually get one. By high-quality, I mean not overly sweet, imaginative, and freshly made in-house by someone who knows what they are doing.

                                                                                1. Definitely not. I never understood why people gush over chocolate cake or cheesecake. To me, dessert just takes up space that I'd rather fill with more chicken, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy!I don't eat ice cream, chocalate bars or even my own birthday cake..

                                                                                  Works out good for me because at Christams I'll trade my Ferreraro Rochers for my brothers pistachios and cashews stocking stuffers

                                                                                  Wierd thing is I do have an insane sweet tooth for tart fruit flavored things like slushies, sorbet, Jolly Rankers ect. I guess sorbet could be considered a dessert and would eat in that case but since it isn't filling it's not like I need to save room for it.

                                                                                    1. I don't often partake of dessert, because of a lifetime battle with my weight. If we eat out, say on our anniversary, we have dessert after a nice meal. With a celebratory meal out I would choose my entree with an eye toward saving room for dessert. Normally though, not. And I really have learned through many years of trial and error that most desserts served at middle of the road restaurants simply aren't very good, and they probably aren't even made on premises.

                                                                                      At home, I don't serve dessert. I may take a little semi sweet or bittersweet dark chocolate afterwards, but unless it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, there will not be dessert.

                                                                                      I do like a nice cup of coffee after a meal.

                                                                                      I will make something homemade, like a pie, if I have guests.

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                                                                                      1. re: sueatmo

                                                                                        I can't believe there are so many non-dessert people out there. I wish I felt that way. I love most desserts. Agree with Rizzo9--- about not liking flans, cream-puffs etc. Also, I'm not really nuts about anything really cold. But cake, pie, cookies, candy (however not hard candy) - yum. I really think I have a sugar addiction and once I have a taste it's hard to stop. I have to be careful about what I keep around the house. When dining out I love it when dessert is part of the meal because I have "no choice" about ordering dessert. Other than that I don't usually order dessert when eating out because they are too large, too expensive and I like to pretend I'm one of those grown up people who would prefer a cheese plate. But I'm not! (I'm signing off to see if I have any cookies in the house)

                                                                                        1. re: marymanchester

                                                                                          Well I like sweets as well as the next person, but mostly sweets are too high in sugar and fat for me to eat. If you are serious about having an addiction (and not just being playful) then perhaps you should think about eliminating sugar from your diet for awhile. A feeling like addiction toward sugar might--might--be a signal of other probs. If your weight and sugar levels are very good, then I don't think you have anything to worry about. I, unfortunately, am not in that category. I do have to worry about my weight and my sugar levels.

                                                                                          1. re: marymanchester

                                                                                            I want the cheese plate, please....
                                                                                            and then I want dessert.

                                                                                            1. re: jmcarthur8

                                                                                              I guess a cheese plate and dessert would be an interesting combination. I would hope you haven't had a plate of pasta for the regular meal though! LOL.

                                                                                              1. re: sueatmo

                                                                                                Those would be my three 'deserted island' foods!

                                                                                                So, yes, sueatmo, I think I would likely have had pasta, as well. Is that counter to a tradition? I'm curious, now.
                                                                                                Growing up in the Midwest, and now living in Georgia, I probably have missed some culinary no-no rules.

                                                                                        2. Lemon meringue pie. Caramelized flan. Tapioca pudding. Strawberry shortcake. Brownies with walnuts. Hot fudge sundae. Angelfood cake with orange blossom icing. Baked custard with nutmeg on top. Cherry pie made with fresh Montmorency cherries. Chocolate cream pie with real whipped cream. Bread pudding made with cinnamon bread and raisins. Fresh freestone peaches sliced and sugared with maybe a few blackberries thrown in. Apple dumpling. Chocolate chip cookies still warm so the chocolate chips are gooey. Baskin Robbins Jamoca ice cream. Fresh red raspberries. Stewed rhubarb. Applesauce cake with boiled caramel icing. Crepes rolled up with dulce de leche. A wedge of ripe Mexican papaya with a squeeze of lime. A cream puff full of custard. Pecan pie. Cheesecake. Warm fruit cobbler, any fruit.

                                                                                          Come on people, be serious. You don't like dessert?

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                                                                                          1. re: Querencia

                                                                                            I would /do enjoy just one bite of all of the delicious items on your list. Just one bite. But I will shamelessly assault a cheese plate even after a large meal. I have no explanation.

                                                                                            1. I absolutely love desserts, especially cookies and ice cream. I bake a lot, so it helps to like sweets!

                                                                                              1. Rarely a dessert person. Often as last night, l will order an appetizer when others order their dessert. Thus last night's dessert was fava beans sauteed with crabmeat, yum.