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Feb 29, 2012 06:32 PM

Need West Seattle dinner recommendations

I tried to research this, but the research system didn't work for me. Please, somebody give me several good ideas where we should take a very interesting friend that arrived from SLC for his daughter's newborn. The daughter is not involved, but Hobatz is. We will pick him up in West Seattle and drop anchor nearby for dinner.

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  1. My favorites in the area: Mashiko, Pizzeria 22, Pan Africa Grill, Buddha Ruksa, Phoenicia.

    Any particular style/price range/ other requirements? You might also consider La Rustica, Blackboard Bistro and Fresh Bistro.

    1. I'd suggest Mashiko (sushi), Jak's Grill (steaks +the area's best burger IMO), Pizzeria 22 (Neopolitan pizza), Phoenicia (Mediterranian tapas), Cactus or Mission (Mexican), Fresh Bistro (bit-o-everything).

      If you're feeling adventurous, a quick trip down to Loretta's Northwesterner in the South Park neighborhood is always a good time. No nonsense beers and spot-on burgers with a backyard Airstream to bring some vintage ambiance.

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        +1 (or 2, counting Babette's reco's) on Jak's, Mashiko, Phenicia and Blackboard. Blackboard can be a bit uneven, IMO.

        Cactus is more new-style mex than traditional ameri-mex. I like eating there as much for location and good margaritas and mojito's as the food. Nice to drive visitors down Alki before/after.

        I would be - 1 on La Rustica... been several times, and never had a more than meh meal. The location is charming, but not great food IMO.

      2. Casual pub choice - Circa, I would concur on Phoenicia, Buddha Ruksa, and Fresh Bistro, but have less enthusiasm for Jak's (may be in the minority here) and Mission. A drive around Alki (if before dark) is almost mandatory.