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Feb 29, 2012 06:27 PM

Tres Leches Cake -- Sunset Park or other Brooklyn

There's an old Tres Leches thread or two on the Manhattan CH board, but I don't see anything here in los boroughs. Sunset Park seems a good bet, for obvious ethnic reasons, and there's a good few bakeries, of course. Yelpers argue fiercely for and against different ones -- Lopez, La Gran Via, Angel, etc -- but there doesn't seem to be any consensus pick (or totally persuasive partisan).

Most of the CH coverage on Sunset Park is savory, not sweet, so maybe it's time for a baked good smackdown -- esp one about my target dessert, tres leches cake. (and, btw, I need to buy a whole one, so I'm NOT looking for a restaurant or cafe that will only sell it by the slice).

On the one hand, it's not a hard thing to make pretty well -- I've done it and would do again, if I had the time -- but it's easy to go overboard and make it a little (or a lot) too rich and sweet. And it really needs to be very fresh, for the whipped cream to shine.

I could go beyond Sunset Park, if necessary, but I don't have too much time to go deep into the heart of Brooklyn, so would prefer to keep within a mile or two of Prospect Park in any direction.

I'd even consider a respectable Tex-Mex or Cal-Mex place, if there is such a thing. I'm not a purist. Just want it rich and fresh and not too treacly.


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  1. Lopez definitely has it. I've never ordered it, but I'm a Lopez booster, and while their cakes are nothing special on the whole, their pan dulce are great and so is their flan by the slice. So I think it's a good bet.

    La Boulangerie Lopez
    645 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    1. If you take the R/M 15 minutes out of Manhattan to the Steinway station in Astoria, Queens. Villa Brazil Cafe has a great brazilian version, with a hint of coconut. The cake is light, soft, and soaked in tres leches, and the frosting is not heavy and compliments the cake well. They sell out very quickly, I would try to go early or call ahead. Their passion fruit cake is very good also.

      Considering that there's many Colombian restaurants and bakeries in the area, I've found that this Brazilian place has the best tres leches. Their hanger steak from the back window is delicious also.

      Villa Brazil Cafe
      4316 34th Ave
      Ste A 2
      Astoria, NY 11101
      Neighborhood: Astoria
      (718) 472-0090