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Feb 29, 2012 06:00 PM

Jenkintown area, Best of the Best?

This is not familiar territory for my CH activities, but is there a top notch place for lunch
in Jenkintown, or nearby? Price no object, any cuisine except Mexican or Indian. (Spicy
not my thing)

It's a business lunch for a special occasion; my treat.

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  1. I have never found a top notch place for lunch in Jenkintown or nearby. Just good, casual places.
    Best bet is probably Marco Polo, pleasant with an interesting menu. Good salads, good service, easy parking. It's at Church Rd and York Rd.
    I looked up 211 York but they are only open for dinner. That's classier.

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    1. re: sylviag

      Thanks, Syl, for coming to my rescue here. I didn't think this was great chow territory, but
      I was beginning to wonder when no one answered before! What kind of a place is 211 York?
      Might be a good idea to switch my plans to a dinner, although lunch would be a lot more convenient. Also, Marco Polo as I remember is huge, and maybe noisy for dinner, but
      it might be quieter and fine for lunch.

      Thanks again!

    2. This is a duh repy to my own post, but in some respects, Max and David is very pleasant
      for lunch. I needed a Kosher venue once, and not this time, but Max and David's does
      have an interesting menu, and is quiet and comfortable.

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      1. re: Bashful3

        I second Max and David's, but also think Mirna's Cafe is good for lunch. I'd skip 211 York in favor of either of the other two.

      2. There is an Italian restaurant in the Jenkintown train station, and I can't remember the name of it. I do remember loving it, but I have lived away from Philadelphia for several years (I just moved back, but I haven't been back there yet). However, a friend tells me they are still there and still pretty great. I remember them being a bit pricey, but the setting of the train station was charming, and the food really was great.

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        1. re: StrandedYankee

          That's an interesting idea. Has anyone eaten in the train station place recently; can you give me the name and telephone number?

          I still have time to decide on this; it isn't until the middle of March.

          1. re: StrandedYankee

            Mio Pomoro closed a couple years ago and I don't think anything is there now. It was not there very long, maybe three years max. Before that it was some kind of American "grill" I think and before that Stazi Milano which was there a while. There might have been something between Stazi and the American place.

            1. re: barryg

              I remember liking the American place (Jonathan's?) pretty well but thinking it was maybe a tad overpriced for what you got. Never made it to Mio Pomodoro, but I had heard it was decent. The inside of the station is huge, and when it was Jonathan's or whatever it was called, it was very pretty too. Kind of a shame it's empty now.

          2. My favorite nicer place in the area is Timber. It's right across from the Hospital in Abington.

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            1. re: b1979

              I should have mentioned that we haven't been to 211 York for many years. I really don't know anything about it.
              Is Timber the one that was a steakhouse for many years? It used to be a good place.

              1. re: sylviag

                Timber is where In Flight used to be. We have been there many times and it's always been really delicious. Great beer selection too.
                This is the first recommendation I've ever seen for 211 York, we have been wondering about that place.

                  1. re: cwdonald

                    I did. Thanks for heads up cwdonald.

                    Aargh, what a pity that the entire Jenkintown area can't sustain a top of the line

                    Is there anyplace 'solid' within a five mile radius of Jenkintown?

                    1. re: Bashful3

                      According to Google Maps you are about 3.5 miles from Oak Lane road, and Under the Oak. Very small but very nice food.

                      1. re: Bigley9

                        Its a straight shot down 611. That's a very good idea.

                        1. re: Bigley9

                          Definitely call and see if they are still open. They restricted their hours a while back and I fear they might have closed.

                          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

                            According to their websites it looks like they are open for brunch only on weekends, 8-3. The Chef's Table appears to be by reservation only.

                        2. re: Bashful3

                          I think Mirna's is solid. Reliably good food, doesn't suffer the noise problem that the Blue Bell Mirna's does, varied menu, mostly reasonable prices. is there negative buzz about it?

                          1. re: tourmama

                            I would never recommend Marco Polo's. Food is bland, service is horrible. Max and David's is good if you are looking for Kosher type offerings. Linda Jean's across from Jenkintown train station is a secret indulgence, casual spot. Everything is homemade and delicious. Definitely worth a try. Elcy's, Jasmine Asian Bistro, and Anne's Kitchen Table are also great niche spots. Drake Tavern is also pretty good for pub style food.

                  2. One of our favorites is Tiffin, a very good Indian restaurant, next to Marco Polo. I know you said you don't like spicy but frankly we haven't had a lot of spicy dishes there and one of my absolute favorites is the butter chicken. Nice decor, small place, good service.