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Feb 29, 2012 05:27 PM

Coffee bean specialty shops


Can some Angelinos recommend a few of the top coffee specific shops? Shops, that roast a variety of local and imported beans (e.g. Jamaican Blue Mountain, Kenya AA...Etc.). Who also sell the sought after machines (e.g. Technivorm) and grinders (e.g. Baratza).

Hopefully these shops will have online sales setup.So I won't need to drive all over LA.


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  1. i buy my beans from Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena, order on the web for delivery by UPS.

    1. Handsome and LAMILL check most of those boxes:

      - Variety of imported beans? Check.
      - Technivorm machine? Check.
      - Baratza grinders? Check.

      The founders of Handsome are Intelligentsia alums. More info about Handsome here:

      1. Question, though: what's an example of a bean that's local to LA???

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          The "edit" command should not expire. :) I neglected to type in "blends" after "local". Should read "...local blends...".

 you frequent Steve's Digital forums? Your alias looks familiar. :)

        2. Balconi Coffee Company in West LA, near the corner of Sawtelle & Olympic.

          Beans from all over (Rwanda, Brazil, Colombia, etc.), brewed using the siphon method...

          1. The best place is Coffee Roaster in Sherman Oaks-818-905-9719. They roast different coffee every day, which means you can have coffee at it's best.