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Feb 29, 2012 05:24 PM

Toss-Northeast Baltimore

Anyone been? It's a new pizza place on York Rd near Bellona. I hear the owners are the original owners of Zella's. The City Paper gave it a good review, but after their good review of Los Amigos, I cannot trust them.

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  1. It's really really good! A bit pricey but delicious pie and nice people work there.

    1. the description of the dough:
      >the dough was sweet and flaky, almost pastry-like

      is enough to keep me away, blehk.

      1. I thought it was only okay. It sort of reminded me of standard takeout pizza, but with slightly higher quality sauce and cheese. It was also pretty expensive. I also am biased against pizza cooked in a conveyor belt oven.

        I don't think that it is even in the same ballpark as Fortunatos or Vitos, which are both right down the street.

        I will say that I have the regular crust, perhaps the thin crust is a better option

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          I really think that NE Baltimore will support a "fancy" pizza place. I drove past this place and had hoped to read great things on here about it. I was surprised to hear people complain about the prices, but I just looked at their site. They are charging $18 for a large cheese pizza. I think that is high. I suppose they have the right to charge whatever they want, but I can't believe that their cheese pizza is the same price the ones with lots of toppings. I loved Zellas and I think I will still give them a chance at some point.

          1. re: 2000man

            The pies are small anyway. It's definitely expensive. And it's located in a deadzone that no one would want to spend time in, especially after dark. We got delivery from them once but the driver couldn't find our house even after calling us (from the wrong house) and having us describe turn-by-turn where to go. The pizza itself was ok, but it's sort of like Iggie's and I'd probably rather just go there.

          2. re: gusshane

            I stopped by really quick back in March just to get a look at the place on a Friday night (was on the way somewhere else). First thing I noticed was the conveyor oven, which always gives me pause.

            To be fair I still need to go back and try this place out. I never thought the pizza at Zellas was anything special. I like the space and friendly staff at Zella's very much, but the pizzas are nothing that makes me want to take the 10 or so minute drive to get over there. Hopefully Toss will fare better with their pizzas.

            $18 for a 14" margherita is extremely expensive. I've paid $21 for a 12" margherita at the old Una Pizza Napoletana in Manhattan, but Anthony makes some of the very best pizzas I've ever had. An $18 14" margherita better deliver top of the top of the line quality ingredients (i.e. not all from a large food wholesaler) and the bake needs to be pegged. I don't see the latter happening in a conveyor oven, but the proof will be in the tasting.

            All that aside, I am always excited to try a new place and am looking forward to a visit here soon.

          3. I had one of thier Margarita Pizzas (14" Large, $18.00) and I was pretty disappointed. The crust had good flavor and could have benefitted from a few more minutes in the oven, but a crisp crust wouldn't have made the soggy mess I walked away with any better. The tomatoes were sliced, not chopped and because of this all of the liquid in the sliced tomatoes ended up right on top of the pizza. It was so wet that the sauce didn't even stick to the pie. All the toppings pulled off of the crust in the first bite and you were left with a doughy, wet rag of a mess that by now is running down your arm and dripping all over your shirt. I will not be going back any time soon. The other nearby pizza places (mentioned above by gusshane) and Egyptian Pizza @ Belvedere Square are less expensive and consistant. If I do go back, I'm getting a sandwich.

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              I ate here a couple of nights ago. I had a large cheese pizza. It was 9 bucks and good (the gourmet pizzas are double the price). I also tried their eggplant sandwich. It was good, a little rich, but good. My kids really enjoyed their meatballs. I would go back. Everything was good. Staff was very nice.

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