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Feb 29, 2012 05:19 PM

meat and seafood in Spokane?

Any reliably good markets for meat and seafood in Spokane? It doesn't necessarily have to be a specialty store, if you have a favorite grocery that has consistently good meat and fish I'd love to know.

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  1. I have personally used the following shops with pleasant results, (both for my former restaurant and for in home use) for specialty cutting - Thin slicing of meats for Korean meals, and cutting ribs for both traditional and LA style kaibi

    Fred Meyers 12120 North Division Street, Spokane

    Crown Foods Lockers 1402 West Northwest Boulevard, Spokane, WA

    I like the selection at Sonnenbergs, have not tried any special orders though. This shop can be extremely busy.
    Sonnenbergs Market and Deli 1528 East Sprague Avenue, Spokane, WA 99202

    I have heard quite a few favorable comments on Eggar Meats, but have not tried them personally. I believe they have at least 4 locations.

    Eggar Meats 5609 South Perry Street, Spokane - 902 West Rosewood Avenue, Spokane, WA

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      Eggers is generally considered THE butcher shop. They do do their cutting, and I find the personal service so refreshing and helpful. I am surprised at the recommendation of Fred Myers. I have not gone to the Division st. store, however.
      As far as grocery stores, I have been rebuffed when I wanted something special. It appears they do not do any cutting themselves, only put out what is sent them. If anyone knows anything different, please post it!
      One store where I was treated well, was Yokes on Foothills Dr. I got a rib roast for Christmas, and it was very special. I would say give them a try.

    2. The most consistent market for seafood I've found is the Winco out in Spokane Valley. You have to be selective during your visits, but they have high turnover, decent prices and the odd surprise once in a while. My favorites at this market include: whole fresh sockeye or coho (when in season), whole rockfish (once), rockfish fillets, snow crab, small squid, in shell oysters, wild American shrimp and sole among other things. They also carry "baby" octopus (albeit frozen thawed), cooked whole lobster and tails, oysters, king crab on occasion, arrowtooth flounder (a bad fish to begin with), halibut, fresh cod (in season) or frozen thawed, whole catfish or filets, whole steelhead or filets, Atlantic salmon filets, tilapia, foreign farm-raised shrimp and that's just in the "fresh" case. Their frozen section carries a large array of frozen shellfish and fish fillets including mahi-mahi and yellowfin; The caveat is that (as in many stores) the frozen seafood is product of China or at least processed in China. The Winco up north is a whole different animal (likely due to socioeconomic or demographics of their clientele) and is NOT a good seafood source.

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        Jay K,

        Thanks for the tip, I have only been to the north store and was thinking you were on drugs (lol) until I read the last line, will be heading out to the valley to check them out.

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          Hi RetiredChef,
          Sorry for being off topic but I'd love to hear from you regarding how you negotiated with Wolf and whether wolf are the best appliances to buy now for my kitchen re-model. I saw a previous post you made on the subject. Can you start a new thread please and we can talk? Not sure how we can make contact here otherwise. :)