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Recipes for using Spanish turron candy?

Sra. Swanky Feb 29, 2012 05:19 PM

I over-ordered some 1880 turron candy (Jijona - the soft nougat kind) -- so delicious, but I'm getting tired of eating it straight from the package. Any ideas besides making ice cream (I don't have an ice cream maker)? Thanks!

  1. Sra. Swanky Mar 1, 2012 03:40 PM

    Thank you Everyone! You made my creative wheels start to turn. How I adore turron! I know I shouldn't be a Jijona purist (the Alicante one is too crunchy for me). but I can't help it. :o)

    1. m
      MoGa Feb 29, 2012 07:07 PM

      If you melt some of the turron de Jijona in warm milk and let the milk/turron mixture cool you can stir it into ready made icecream and let it freeze again.

      But you asked for an alternative recipe - a popular one in Spain (where creme caramel - called 'flan' - is one of the nations faourite desserts) is... flan de turron.
      The idea is that you make creme caramel (generally made from a packet) and when you heat the milk you dissolve the turron into it and make the dessert as usual - often some extra milk or cream is used, about a fifth more than indicated in the packet.

      Do remember that this kind of turron will melt in warmed milk, butter or cream. You can incorporate it into a sponge (something like a financier would be ideal) or a mousse or even a souffle.
      I recently posted a couple of recipes for Spanish style hot chocolate - you could try melting in a little bit of turron de Jijona (and cut down on the sugar).
      I rarely have a surplus but I've tried using it in ice cream and love it.
      I've taken it to Japan as a gift before and it makes a nice wagashi as its intense sweetness goes well with matcha (tea ceremony tea). But for this I prefer turron de yema tostada which really is a perfect accompaniment to this kind of tea.

      1. JungMann Feb 29, 2012 06:52 PM

        If you don't have an ice cream maker you can still make a custard base with the turron and perhaps make a flan or a simple pudding. Turron jijona has an almost peanut buttery texture so I might also consider making a bread pudding with some orange rind or crumble it to make a base for a ramekin of panna cotta.

        1. babette feasts Feb 29, 2012 05:33 PM

          dip it in dark chocolate

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