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best sushi restaurant financial district//also best restaurant financial district

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thanks Steve...need info for March 1st @ 7 pm reservation

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  1. Best Sushi and Financial district is somewhat an oxymoron. If you are from New York or LA, I would say skip all together (unless you have the means to travel far-ish from the financial district).

    If you are from a place that doesn't have a great sushi scene, Ozumo has good fish and some nice creative options - but it is overpriced.

    1. Probably Kyo-Ya for sushi, unless maybe Hecho (I haven't been but the new chef is Sachio Kojimo). Best restaurant, to my taste Perbacco.


      1. hecho has acceptable sushi, didn't try any rolls, ramen is a pass, yakitori not available at lunch. good service seems available only to people who wear suits.