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Feb 29, 2012 04:46 PM

Sushi Help

I'm looking for some really great, clean sushi places in Center City - Northeast Philly. The problem is that I have a severe shellfish/fish allergy and I have to be very, very careful where I get my veggie sushi from. Any suggestions for great sushi that is sensitive to food allergies?

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  1. That can be a problem. Knives would be used to cut shellfish as well as regular fish.
    One has to trust an owner. I would trust Matt Ito of Fuji in Haddonfield to accomodate
    your allergies with care, but that is hardly center city. Might be worth a special order,
    with takeout in mind for a large quantity? the only sushi place I know of in the Northeast
    is Mako Sushi just off the corner of Cottman and Oxford, off Oxford, but I know nothing
    about the owners. You could talk to them...

    Another concern would be the cutting surface on which all sushi is prepared--that would have
    to start out fresh from a dishwasher also.

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    1. re: Bashful3

      My thoughts exactly. If you want to be guaranteed of a safe product, you might have to seek out a macrobiotic restaurant or vegan Japanese unless you want to make your own at home. i don't see how you could be spared contamination even in the most pristine of establishments.

      1. re: Chefpaulo

        I wonder if you went to a place like Zento, Morimoto, or Fuji in Haddonfield and told them ahead of time whether they could accommodate you, especially if you sat at the sushi bar.

        Makiman is the best sushi in the northeast, but it is so small, that I am not sure I would want to risk it.