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Jan 11, 2002 03:34 PM

Sacramento: Early breakfast

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Does anyone have some good breakfasts spots? The earlier the better.

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  1. Try Pancake Circus on Broadway, not fancy but good food and very good prices. Get there early to beat the crowds.

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      I like the Lucky Cafe for breakfaston 21st Street between K Street and Capitol Ave.
      Also there is the Corner Stone Cafe on J Street near 25th, then there is a British Pub off 10th and R, they have Bangers and other things British, forgot the name.
      The Limelight Cafe on Alhambra next to Safeway is another place I like.
      For People watching there is Denny's off J Street next to the freeway overpass just before you get to Old Sacramento, then there is always Hamburger Mary's on J Street.
      Sorry to be so vague about some of the adresses, I just get into my car and drive to them.

    2. Fox and Goose is the best - 1001 R Street. They even have a website at Great english pub style breakfast. They have some healthy fare too.