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Feb 29, 2012 03:26 PM

Please help me find a breakfast place near the Boston Convention Center

Hello Boston Hounds...Montreal Hound here.

I am looking for a breakfast place near the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center for next week. Looking for a sit down place that would have more than just pastries. Not too expensive but I would like somewhere nice as this is a business meeting.


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  1. The Westin Boston Waterfront is connected to the Convention Center. That's probably gonna be your best bet.

    1. You can walk over to the dry dock cafe on dry dock avenue. Opens around 5:00 am during the week, serves full breakfast. Sebastians is located next to the seaport hotel and serves pretty good breakfast sandwiches and pretty good coffee.

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      1. re: libertywharf

        Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. I just checked the website for the Dry Dock Cafe and it says it only opens at 11am. Is this right?

      2. I dont know when Dry Dock opens but it's sort of a hike if you're walking.

        It's also not very "nice"-- it's very casual.

        Foods good though.

        For a business meeting I'd just stay at the hotel.

        1. you could go here:
 but i just realized they only do lunch and dinner...there is a little shop called 'flour' off of summer street,
          or you could be a brave soul and take an early morning walk down nearby "D" street until you hit W. Broadway, take a left and just venture around in southie until some little coffee shop strikes your fancy..tons of pubs and little coffee shops abound.

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            I'm usually the first to recommend Flour, but it would not be good for a business meeting. Too loud and counter service could make for an uncomfortable wait. I'd recommend the Westin or Renaissance. They would both be fine places to sit and talk. I've had breakfast at the Seaport Renaissance and I assume the Westin would be similarly acceptable for the OPs need. Expect overpriced, yet well prepared food.

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              Instead of just wandering around Southie, I'd recommend Mul's Diner on W Broadway and A St.. I had a geat corned beef hash there recently. It's about a mile walk from the Convention Ctr.

              For the OP, I wouldn't recommend Mul's for a biz breakfast. I think I'd just go the Westin.

              1. re: 9lives

                +1 on a hotel breakfast. none of the places listed above are suitable for business meetings. sorry.

                1. re: 9lives

                  I like Mul's but it is so not worth a mile long walk ...

                  1. re: C. Hamster

                    Not to you but to me it was..:) I would say how long 1 is willing to walk or drive out of their way is pretty subjective.

                    I had been wanting to try the place for a while and don't get to Southie as often as I used to. When I found I had to be near the Convention Ctr, I did some googling and found it was about the same distance from my office to the meeting as from Mul's to the meeting. T to Broadway from downtown, some of the best corned beef hash I've had recently, and then a 15-20 min easy walk to my meeting.

                    I would do it again; but I like to walk a lot; though this stretch of A St is not very scenic.

              2. You are NOT stuck with the hotel restaurants! Channel Cafe is a two minute walk down Summer St and has great food at great prices, and is a nice atmosphere for a business meeting

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                1. re: Kitamonster

                  Just for the record: twinky101 bumped this thread, but the original poster was looking for a place to host a business meeting back in the first week of March.

                    1. re: Allstonian

                      Whoopsie, my bad, for both the date & the biz. On a side note, don't people walk anymore, or take cabs??