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Jan 9, 2002 04:52 PM

Julian - Apple pies, food questions

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We're making a trip to Julian to sample their famous apple pies. Does anyone have any suggestions for food in town? We have no dietary restrictions or anything. Perhaps places that are very characteristically "Julian" or places that you would make the trip specifically to Julian for. Also, what is the best place to get a apple pie? Thanks!

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  1. There is a BBQ joint in town. We tried it because there were a lot of cars parked out front and there was smoke coming from a chimminy (usually a good sign).
    There were four of us, and we were all starving after driving down from Chino. We did not pick-up on the "clue" that management actually printed on their menu. It said something to the effect: "Different people have different tastes, we cannot be responsible for individual taste."

    I forked over about $60 for a "BBQ" lunch for the four of us. It was the nastiest BBQ I had ever tasted in my life, and it was a waste of $60 that I could have blown at the local indian casino that we hit after we left Julian, and I would have felt a lot better about loosing the money at a Black Jack table.

    I don't remember the name of the joint, but it was the only BBQ joint in town, across the street from an antique shop (loaded with a lot of junk) and next door to one of the ubiquitous apple restaurants.

    Pack a lunch before you leave home...

    1. Now that Tom's Chicken Shack is closed I don't have any really good places to recommend. I have eaten at the Rongbranch Cafe and it's fairly good but there are probably better places to eat. If nothing else appeals to you it's a good stand-by even if it's not unique. Let us know if you find any good places for us to try!

      Now for the good stuff! Apple pies. I like Mom's Pies, especially the apple-boysenberry and the apple-cherry. There is always a line but it's worth the wait (IMHO).

      The Julian Pie Co. is right up there also. They have the best Cinnamon ice cream to go with the pie! FYI: It's next to the horrible BBQ place that Chino Wayne refers to. I ate there before and I agree it was a waste of money, time and appetite.

      If you get a chance don't miss Dudley's Bakery which isn't in Julian but close and good enough for a side trip if you don't pass it while getting to Julian. They have fantastic fresh baked bread and pastries!

      Rongbranch Cafe (760) 765-2265
      2722 Washington St.

      Julian Pie Company 765-2449
      2225 Main Street

      Mom's Pies 765-2472
      2119 Main Street

      Dudley's Bakery 765-0488
      Hwy 78 & 79, in Santa Ysabel

      1. There is a review of a Julian restaurant on the RoadFood website by Jan and Michael Sterns. Maybe it will help. Dudley's Bakery on the road up the mountain usually has good fresh bread, not the most best bread ever, but worth a stop if you are driving that way to Julian. Their fruit bars are very good.