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Feb 29, 2012 02:03 PM

Best Happy Hour - Hermes Bar @ Antoine's or Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse?

I'm staying in the FQ this weekend. I've got a party of 8-10 looking for a fun, fairly casual happy hour on Saturday - it's my birthday party. I tried Domenica. I called to make a reservation because of my large group. After the 19 year old with whom I was speaking told me that they would not take a party over 5 people, even at 5:00 pm, for happy hour, and not even for my "special occasion" - she promptly hung up on me. Needless to say, don't even try that one. So I'm hearing the HH at Hermes Bar and Brennan's are pretty good. What say you? And how "dressy" do you have to get for these happy hours??? Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  1. I was in NO a couple of weeks ago and had drinks at GW Fins in the Quarter. Nice bar and it would be a good place for a group of 8 to 10. I have heard good things about the food but have never eaten there. The staff seemed very nice, professional and accommodating.

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      Yeah, always heard good things about Fins, but I've never been so don't know much about their bar area. Thanks!

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        the bar is is fine, stools and some tables, but may be hard to find seating since its first-come, first-serve. in fact, im not sure if you can really make a "reservation" for any bar area...ive not heard of such thing a thing. luckily, many bars are pretty open with room for some to stand. Hermes is large in my opinion, plenty of space to hang around. tho i like the menu better at GW Finns.

        as far as safety, i simply would not sweat it. if one is too afraid to walk around well-known bars in the quarter at 5pm, it's time to hang up the hat and hit cleavland.

    2. I am partial to the Hermes Bar...good food and in a better location than GW Fins. At night, I do not frequent anything in the first block of Bourbon St.

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        I don't know if Hermes will accomodate the size of your group. While it's a lovely bar, it isn't very large. I'd try the Carousel Bar in Monteleone, as it has been expanded and is stunning. They may require bottle service for the reservation, but it's a great place and well worth it.

        Also look into the Sazerac or Bar Uncommon.

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          I adore the Carousel! It's one of my fave places in the city for a drink. But for this trip, I was looking more for a place that has a great happy hour menu too, so that's why I was checking out Hermes, etc. Since you mentioned size, I actually called the Hermes bar and just asked them "can you take us?" The guy was super nice and said "Honey, we can take 20 if ya got em!" So I think we're going to the Hermes Bar..........I also agree about location, and we're staying within close walking distance to Antoine's. Sounds like a plan - I'll let you know how it turns out.

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            Bombay Club has a suitable place and a good bar menu. I love Bar Uncommon but don't know if there is a happy hour and don't know of any bar food. We just go there for drinks before MiLa.

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          To TaTee: First, I think that the Hermes Bar would be a great choice. I am interested to know why you do not frequent any place in the 1st block of Bourbon (notwithstanding the fact that Fins isn't in the first block). I assume you do not partonize Galatoire's at night?

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            Was confusing it with Red Fish Grill :-(
            Actually Gals is in the second block and unless I am going with a group, I will go to Gals only for lunch. . Too many young kids hang out in the first block of Bourbon. Ad Eddie Murphy once opined: You don't get old by being a fool.

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              Yes, Galatoire's is in the same block as GW Fins--Fins down the street and around the corner a couple of doors. I have walked from Canal to Galatoire's and further into the quarter no telling how many times without incident. Never REALLY late but as late as 10:00 or 11:00 for sure.

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                The first half of the block from canal to redfish grill can be VERY scary. I would advise approaching and leaving redfish grill from Iberville street.

        3. Stop in at Tujaques, lots of old world charm, Hermes is cool but the space is strangely awkward, hard to put my finger on why. Check the scene at Iris also. Get some oysters at Royal House.

          1. Not D. Brennan's. We stopped in while awaiting our table. They only offer 2HH cocktails, a martini and another horribly sweet thing. FWIW, our dinner wasn't much better. Sorry, no more chances for Dickie.

            Re: Domenixa. HH aren't really busy. I'd just walk in.

            1. I would also consider Patrick's Bar Vin. It is on Bienville between Bourbon & Royal. It is a series of rooms but they have a nice charcutrie platter and they are very friendly.

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                Thanks for all the fun suggestions! You've named a couple of places I've never been before, so those are now on my list. FYI - Hermes Bar was great! It was a busy Saturday night, so we had to wait a bit for a table to open up, but we made it work! All our "small plate" dishes were fantastic, and a couple of friends even ordered a second Shrimp Remolade plate instead of dessert (watch out for that horseradish though!). We stayed a couple of hours and had a fabulous, casual, slightly raucous good time - exactly what I was looking for this weekend! And it was within walking distance of where we stayed! We'll most certainly go back!