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Feb 29, 2012 12:45 PM

Thai in culver city area

My granddaughter has just moved to the Culver City area. She loves Thai, take out or sit down. She likes most everything, especially spicy noodles (don't know the name). She eats curry, etc. Any places within the area that you can recommend? Thanks............

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  1. Ekkamai and Thai Boom and even Natalee are the usual suspects in the Culver City area that get the most (and generally best) comments.

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    1. re: Servorg

      +1 for Thai Boom. Small place on the north side of Venice Blvd. with street parking and some spaces in the back, about midway between Overland and Sepulveda near Midvale. Very friendly service, reasonable prices, and they do a good pad se yu -- wide noodles with meat and broccoli.

      1. re: Servorg

        I like Thai Boom's mango salad a lot.

      2. Depends on what she likes...

        For Curries (Especially Green Curry): Ekamai

        For Funky Noodle Soups: Moo Moo

        For Standard Fare (Pad Thai, etc...) Thai Boom


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        1. re: Dommy

          Dommy, have you ever tried Swanya on Sepulveda?

          1. re: PaulF

            We have and found their flavors a bit muddled and prepartion careless. We wanted to like them because they are nearby... but in the end we were SO HAPPY that Moo Moo moved in!


            1. re: Dommy

              I have a thing for one of their dishes, a spicy seafood spaghetti thing ... so, I was just curious.

              1. re: PaulF

                Yeah, Ekkamai has something like that on the menu and I probably wouldn't try it there either... LOL!! I have thing about fusiony pasta, I don't even like Peruvian spaghetti... Anyway, we gave it a shot with some of the more standard items and again, just didn't seem to hit the spot.


              2. re: Dommy

                What else do you like at Moo Moo? The wife noticed they were finally open after all the stop and start of trying to open the market.

                1. re: Jase

                  We were sad the Market closed. :(

                  When they were dishing out $5 lunch combo plates, we were pretty happy with their offerings. Since becoming a noodle bar, their food doesn't have the same appeal (Especially when Ekkamai still offers lunch special) But the one thing we keep going there for is their noodles. P. really likes their duck noodles. Not NEARLY as good as PaOrd, but it's nice to have a local option...

                  But their curries. Meh. They have Krispy pork, but not nearly with the same touch as Ekkamai and their stirfry noodle dishes are flabby. We like the app of Krispy Mushroom, but mainly use it as a garnish for the soups...


          2. Although it not in Culver City, has anyone tried Lattitued Thai on Lincoln? Its fairly close to CC and I have heard good things about it (but never been).

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            1. re: carln

              She must try Jasmine, a Malysian place at Washington and sepulveda. It's got great coconut chicken soup and is impressively chowhoundie

              1. re: echoparkdirt

                I agree with Jasmine, different flavor profile, but quite delicious... although I haven't quite forgiven them from our most recent visit where they forgot to pack rice with my goat curry... :ppppp


                1. re: Dommy

                  I was just thinking about goat curry the other day. Did not know it was sooooo close!

                2. re: echoparkdirt

                  Jasmine makes a decent biryani on weekends and a couple things like kebabs are nice there.

                  But overall, their food is EXTREMELY heavy. Oily, bogged down with flour... just not my scene. It offers a different flavor profile than thai too, like Dommy said, much closer to middle eastern than thai.

                  1. re: BrewNChow

                    If you're over there on the weekend you might as well go to Zam zam which is incredible.

                    1. re: rcompton

                      yes Zam Zam is my favorite ethnic secret on the West Side

                      1. re: rcompton

                        One note: Though we live close to Zam Zam we have never tried it because we never find it open. We have even been their for their stated open hours, which are not many, only to find it dark. Maybe we'll try again this weekend.

                        1. re: rcompton

                          SHUT UP ABOUT ZAM ZAM

                          I didn't mention it on purpose!!

                          Actually I'm kidding. I didn't mention it because this is a thai food thread.

                          But Zam Zam is TITS.

                          They serve food Thursdays at around 5pm, and fri sat and sun at around 2-3 pm. You can usually pick up biryani an hour or two before these times, but you want to get there when the biryani and the barbeque is ready. They are closed mon-weds. They are never serving food before noon/1pm.

                          Their chicken tikka is the best you'll find, and the biryani beats Jasmine for sure. I have been almost a dozen times and still haven't had their mutton...anything. Still waiting for them to serve mutton. Lately they've only had chicken.

                          The kebabs are good but not outstanding. Overall it's a hidden gem, emphasis on the word "hidden" as you could live a half mile away for 50 years and never know the place exists. Aw what the hell, emphasis on the word "gem" too.