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Feb 29, 2012 11:41 AM

Is Malena worth a visit?

My wife and I managed to secure a babysitter for Friday night and out of the blue have a chance to try something new - unfortunately, most of the places that I'd like to try are booked solid. Malena, on the other hand, seemed almost too available.

I understand that the head chef changed over last fall and some are not excited by the new chef's offerings. Has it improved and is it worth a visit?


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  1. Have not been, so cannot comment on that.
    But if other people DO chime in that it is worth a visit, remember that it is one of the Dining Date Night restaurants, so you'd be able to get 30% off the bill.

    1. Malena has tweaked their concept to the point where they have finally delivered exactly what the demographics want/need/enjoy. kudos to the ownership for not giving up until syncing the right kitchen staff with the right concept. My best meal was last week.

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        Thanks - I'm glad to hear a positive response - any standout dishes?

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          Interesting. Have the portions returned to a reasonable size for the prices charged? I was disappointed with the tiny fritto misto served on my last visit a few months ago, which had been a go-to dish for me in the past. I might return this spring to check in on the state of the fritto misto.

        2. I stick to the basics; Old school fritto (fresh clean oil--no dark brown fast food chicken finger like product), Gnocchi and any whole fish offering. rock and roll.