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Feb 29, 2012 11:33 AM

Locally-sourced, farm-to-table, grass-fed beef, pastured pork?

Coming to Austin next week and am looking for spots that offer locally-sourced meat, preferably grass-fed beef or humanely-raised pork. I've tried searching the boards, but the results are spotty. I saw one recommendation for a place called Wink, but their menu isn't really what I'm looking for.

Ideally I'd love to find a place doing BBQ w/ grass-fed beef. Does such a thing exist?

What are some Austin favorites for casual farm-to-table dining? Craft beer is a plus.

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    1. Ruby's BBQ isn't farm-to-table, but I believe they refer to their beef as all-natural, hormone-free. It might be as close as you'll get for barbecue. While it's not Franklin or JMueller, it's reasonably well-regarded among in-town barbecue joints.

      1. Franklin BBQ uses natural (added hormone & antibiotic free) beef. I don't think it's grassfed but it may be grass fed and grain finished.

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          (Smacks forehead) Oooh...yeah, Franklin is the way to go then, if you can handle the wait.

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            They are not truly grass fed. Here is a quote from a Franklin Barbecue representative.

            "We serve grass fed, grain finished - Prior to processing each animal is feed a high quality corn-based feed ration that enhances meat tenderness and flavor. The beef contains no growth hormones or antibiotics. Our beef comes from Creekstone Farms."

            Draw your own conclusions, the farm does not seem very transparent.

          2. Not to dissuade you from any other recommendation here.
            But on my visit in January I was looking for Longhorn Beef. The only place I found it was at Hut's (Hamburgers) and it was local(Bandera Grasslands); certified AGA grass-fed and 'never frozen'.
            All of their Burgers can be upgraded (extra cost) to the Longhorn Beef (and for my money were worth it).

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              Thanks for the tip. I'm compiling a list of places to go.

            2. Local is easy. Jack Allen's uses local. I think Hudson's does too, but your more likely to get game meat there. The Noble Pig guys use local sources I believe but make no claims that it's grass fed.