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Feb 29, 2012 11:33 AM

Organic Grocery in Rome?

Looking for an organic grocery store in Rome near the spanish steps. Anyone know of one?

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  1. Not Piazza di Spagna, but Canestro in Testaccio (I think via Luca della Robbia) is reliable. For local organic produce, the farmers market on via San Teodoro (near the Circus Maximus) is open on Saturday and Sunday.

    1. a lot of supermarkets also have (small) organic selections nowadays. Are you looking for something specific?

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      1. re: vinoroma

        I'm looking for organic goat milk and yogurt for my 1 year old. we'll be in the city for 8 days

        1. re: drjlc

          even non-organic goat milk & yogurt is difficult to find, Canestro has it and the farmers markets, too, and sometimes even the billa on via cola di rienzo but I am not aware (am not saying doesn't exist) of any organic versions.

      2. La Capra Rampante has what you are looking for. it is in the Flaminio neighborhood and is located a 10-minute tram ride (followed by a short walk) from Piazza del Popolo

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          Thank you Katie!! Just got your app. Looking forward to using it on our trip!

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            great! thanks very much. hope you enjoy it:) you will find La Capra Rampante with map and all in the Shopping category and Gourmet food shops subcategory.