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Feb 29, 2012 11:06 AM

Dish recommendations at Takashi!!

I'm planning to check out Takashi for dinner. We'll be a total of 4 people. I'm looking for some advice on what to try. We're fine with eating anything so nothing is off limits but we definitely do not want to try something adventurous just for the heck of it. The first preference is deliciousness :) Based on what I've read,

1. Calf's Brain Cream (in a tube) with Blinis and Caviar
2. U.S. Kobe Marbled Chuck-flat Steak
3. Niku-Uni ( or Yooke?)
4.. Beef Belly
5. Shibire
6. Kalbi
7. Tsurami
8. Rosu

How big are the portions here? Is one dish from the raw section and another from the grilled section per person going to be enough (maybe with a couple of specials thrown in)?


456 Hudson St, New York, NY 10011

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  1. For a party of 4, make sure you have a reservation. They get pretty busy. We were there Monday night around 7pm and every seat was full.

    For 2 people, my husband and I usually get 1 appetizer and 3 grill items. Some grill items are more filling than others and portions vary widely. Also they might be out of something since their popularity has soared in the last few months (they didn't have any heart left on Monday night). Ask for help from your server if you need it, they're quite helpful.

    Also when they quote cooking times, they tend to be on the rarer side of medium rare. Sometimes they'll say 45 seconds on each size, and we'll actually end up cooking it to 1 minute, otherwise certain cuts are too chewy. For the grilled items, we usually get the Takashi sauce/marinade, which is more flavorful than the standard one.

    > 1. Calf's Brain Cream (in a tube) with Blinis and Caviar

    Great but you will probably need more blinis. It comes with 5 pieces; since you are 4 people, I would ask to add 3 blinis when ordering. The caviar is of good quality, which is nice. This isn't a very large dish, though.

    > 2. U.S. Kobe Marbled Chuck-flat Steak

    This is a special, sometimes they are out of it. It's really good but significantly larger than their other grill items, so it's pretty filling. The staff will cook and slice it on your behalf. Their default for this dish is medium-rare, slightly on the rarer side, and you can always put it back on the grill if you wish (which I usually do). This is excellent but more like a "normal" steak.

    > 3. Niku-Uni ( or Yooke?)

    IMO the Niku Uni is really about the uni and shiso, less so about the beef, which gets lost a little in the wasabi and soy sauce, etc. Depends how much you love uni.

    If you're all about the beef, get the Yooke. It is "just" a steak tartare, but the flavors and seasoning are excellent, and you can really get a sense of the great texture and flavor the chuck eye has. The Yooke is definitely more filling, as well.

    > 4.. Beef Belly

    A must order. Delicious, and very fatty.

    > 5. Shibire (sweetbreads)

    Really good, too, just make sure you cook them long enough. We were a little hesitant, and pulled them off the grill too soon, and had to put them back on. Undercooked sweetbreads are nobody's friend.

    > 6. Kalbi (short rib)

    A must order. So flavorful.

    > 7. Tsurami (cheek)

    Another one of my favorites. If I recall correctly, this cut is rather thin. We usually cook it nearly through, and it is still very flavorful and juicy.

    > 8. Rosu (rib eye)

    I've only had this once and it was good, but I personally would rather go for something more out there/interesting. Maybe the Tongue Experience? It was delicious on Monday night.

    456 Hudson St, New York, NY 10011

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks Kathryn! I did make reservations. Judging by the times that were available, this palce is crazy busy!!

      - Since the 'U.S. Kobe Marbled Chuck-flat Steak' is more like a regular steak (even though an excellent one), I'll keep it as a backup for now

      - What is the seasoning in the Yooke like? The few times that I've tried regular steak tartare, I've just found it to be too bland. I love Kibbeh Naya though.

      - Would you happen to have a recommendation for how long should be the sweetbreads be grilled? I like sweetbreads and it would be a shame if I'm not able to cook them properly!

      - I was thinking about the Tongue experience but a lot of reviews seem to indicate that except the tip, everything is a little too chewy (the exact reason I don't have any of the stomachs in there)

      - Finally, the heart. Have you tried this in the past? I've had beef heart Anticuchos once in the past and absolutely loved them. Are these anything like that?

      Thank you once again!!

      1. re: indiefoodie

        The Yooke has a bunch of ingredients, I think it's soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil, garlic, maybe more. Plus the meat is topped with sesame seeds, shredded seaweed, a quail egg yolk, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Anything but bland.

        For sweetbreads, ask them when you order them -- they will tell you "X seconds per side", and then err on the side of slightly more done.

        I really liked the tongue experience and out of the 3 cuts, I only found 1 of them to be chewy. Not sure if that's a non-starter for you. I think it's worth it! They are very flavorful.

        I've had heart before, it's not my favorite piece of offal. I don't think I've had anticuchos style heart before, so I can't really compare.

      2. re: kathryn

        What an awesome and timely post! Headed to Takashi tomorrow and taking notes!!

        1. re: linguafood

          I also really enjoy the Testicargot, Spicy Japanese Cucumber, Nakaochi Kalbi (between-the-rib). The Foie Gras Stuffed Mini Kobe Burger with Chocolate BBQ Sauce is decent, too, but I think the chocolate sauce overpowers a little.

          1. re: kathryn

            I was eyeing the Testicargot! Good to know it's worth it...

        2. re: kathryn

          I ate there by myself. I had the Yooke ( raw thin strips of beef) great dish
          I had the hearts, 3 types of stomachs ( 1 type would have been enough, they are very similar and if you don't like real chewy , skip that one)
          the beef heart is very good, i believe you get 4 pieces of each meat ( not sure) but if that is the case just order everything , since you are 4 people.
          The sweetbreads are my favorite of the grilled that i had.
          The liver is Ok, but same as any liver
          The meatball stuffed with foie gras is interesting. It is served on a sizzling black iron tiny pan. inside the meatball is a very rare piece of foie gras. They top it with some kind of chocolate sauce. A different sauce would have been better for me. The chocolate sauce reminded me of soemthing you might see in Harajuku.
          I think 2 people, should be 2 appetizers, 6 dishes, side of rice. They give you some kimchi, bean sprouts and cabbage salad complimentary. The rioja wine is very good.

          456 Hudson St, New York, NY 10011

        3. Thanks! A quick dining report:

          1. Calf's Brain Cream with Blinis and Caviar: As the name suggests, this was very creamy (unlike the grilled brains that are more common), it pairs extremely well with the caviar. We just had to make sure that we do not go overboard with it otherwise the caviar could potentially overpower everything else in the dish.

          2. Yooke: Probably one of my favorites of the night. Extremely high quality beef, well seasoned and a pretty decent portion for a raw meat dish.

          3. Niku Uni: The uni itself was awesome. The dish, as some of the others have suggested was dominated by the Shiso. If you're a fan of Shiso, this is perfect for you. Maybe if they use a little less Shiso, the beef wouldn't get lost in it.

          4. Oxtail and Potato Curry Pie: This was fine. It was more like a Samosa (albeit with Oxtail) gone wrong and instead of being crispy, was soft!

          5. Kobe burger with chocolate BBQ sauce: Pretty expensive because of the Kobe I guess. Tiny burger absolutely drenched in chocolate sauce. It was not bad but seemed more like a dessert than anything else. Just too much chocolate.

          6. Kalbi: Excellent

          7. Beef Belly: Excellent

          8. Rib Eye: Excellent

          9. Mino: This was chewy as expected but if that isn't a turn off for someone then it's pretty decent. Was flavorful and seemed to pick up the char from the grill very well. I actually was a little surprised that I liked this.

          10. Shibire: This was a little disappointing. The sweetbreads that I've had in the past have been very soft and silky in texture (although, I don't think I've ever had them grilled) but at Takashi, they seemed a little too hard. The flavors too did not pop like some of the other dishes.

          11. Softserve with everything: It was a nice ending to the meal, nothing spectacular about the dish. Just good ice-cream.

          456 Hudson St, New York, NY 10011

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          1. re: indiefoodie

            Thanks for reporting back!

            Glad you liked the Yooke, and it sounds like we had the same opinions of the niku uni and kobe burger with chocolate BBQ sauce.

            I'm glad you liked the first stomach! It didn't sound like you were gonna go for that one!

            It's possible that you just don't like a grilled preparation of sweetbreads. I've had them grilled before, and it's just, well, different. I think it they are pan fried or similar, you do get a bigger contrast between a nice crust and creamy insides.

            Definitely try the tongue experience next time! Sounds like you had a pretty good meal regardless!

            1. re: kathryn

              My friend's were like, "we absolutely have to have one of the stomachs", hence the Mino :) I'm glad that they pressured me to try it. I wasn't able to convince them to try the testicargot though so I'll give that and the tongue experience a shot the next time! The portions though are pretty small, I thought we ordered a pretty decent amount of food for 4 people but almost all of us were a little hungry at the end.

          2. Finally tried the "Grandmom's Steamed Beef Shank Buns with Spicy Mayo" -- a little manto sandwich you assemble yourself. They brought over steamers of 2 lily pad buns (he yeh bao, like the kind they use at Momofuku or Bao Haus), and another steamer of a big tender chunk of beef shank with tons of shredded raw scallions. The beef shank was falling apart-tender, the spicy mayo added a nice contrast, as did the scallions. Really nice, but not a must-order.

            1. Had the amazing "mega" tender spare rib here on the 4th of July. $30 IIRC for an 8oz single rib. So tender it started falling off the bone as it cooked. Delicious!

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              1. re: kathryn

                They also have a new dish called house-made Bresaola with blue cheese, hazelnut apple honey soy mustard ($18), which was pretty good!

                1. re: kathryn

                  yah i just had that too its very good

                  i also liked the new crostini they had, yooke and i really liked the rosu cut this time

                2. Hi Everyone, Toronto chowhounder here coming to NYC next month. I remember seeing Takashi on Anthony Bourdain's Layover episode and it looked like an interesting dining spot. I was wondering if someone who doesn't like different parts of the beef to eat like intestines, brain and testicargots, would I still enjoy dinner here? The menu does seems to have a lot of the interesting items.

                  Thanks :)

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                  1. re: girlstar

                    You can still order the more "standard" cuts like short rib, etc. and they will still be delicious.