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Feb 29, 2012 10:25 AM

Blue Fin Tuna / Expensive Dining

Hi Hounds,

I will be visiting Vegas in May and staying at the Bellagio. I’ve been reading through some of the posts and have gotten a few good ideas for meals. But, I have two questions for you: 1. Where can I indulge on some Blue Fin Tuna? 2. In your opinion, what is the most expensive, upscale, delicious restaurant on the Strip or close to it? I need to impress a snob and price is not a concern. Thank you!

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  1. Blue Fin Tuna has disappeared from many menus because of its endangered status. I've seen it offered at Raku in the past but don't know if it is still available.

    If you are need to impress a snob, the question still remains what kind of food you are looking for and what kind of ambiance you have in mind. Joel Robuchon would probably be the consensus choice if you are looking for "fancy French." A couple of other obvious options: Masa for sashimi and sushi, in a modern setting; and e by Jose Andres, located within Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan, if the snob is interested in more adventurous food. Many posts about all of these places are available via search.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you very much for your suggestions. I should have clarified the cuisines... Italian, Continental European and Modern Steakhouse. He has a shellfish allergy, which eliminates many dishes. Joel Robuchon looks great. I may also give e by Jose Andres a shot.

      As far as Blue Fin Tuna goes, it is a shame that a) the great fish has been brought to the brink of extinction and b) that the Japanese and Chinese have it readily available in Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai and Beijing. I want to try it once and never think about it again. Thanks for your help.

      1. re: cupidom

        As long as you notify the restaurant I am sure that they will make substitutions for any allergies barring extreme cases, so you probably shouldnt rule anything out for that (tasting menu wise).

        1. re: cupidom

          Why eat sushi hundreds of miles from the ocean in Las Vegas? Come just a bit further to L.A.! Lots of sushi places in L.A. still frequently offer bluefin.

          However, if your heart is truly set on Vegas, try the sushi bar at moZen in the Mandarin Oriental. They might have the bluefin you're looking for.

          1. re: cupidom

            Apparently in Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo, if you have money, you can import Japanese wild bluefin to feast on (e.g. bluefin from Oma prefecture, Amami Oshima, and Nagasaki prefecture) . Certain Japanese restaurants in Taipei have them seaonally. Hong Kong...well what can I say, there are business owners willing to bid outrageous $s to have the prized high end stuff in the restaurant for publicity sake, even at the expense of not turning a profit, but for bragging rights and of course customers who are all too willing to splurge $80 to $100 for an order of toro sashim (~ 5 small pieces). And we complain that $40 to $50 is too expensive for farmed specimens.

            If you want high end Japanese bluefin, Vegas might not be the place to find it....likely NY or some really spendy place in Southern California that is willing to pay big bucks to import the good stuff.

            1. re: cupidom

              Depending on which cut you want to try and wild vs. kindai, Bluefin is found at many Las Vegas restaurants: Bar Masa (wild akami and o); Blue Ribbon (kindai akami and o); Shibuya (kindai o); Sen of Japan (kindai o); Raku (usually a hybrid cut of akami - chu); Nobu (wild o) to name a few.

              KK makes a good point that the top quality (o-toro especially) is rarely seen here. From time to time Bar Masa will have a near-reference worthy offering, but such an example is rare. Top quality akami is easier to find.

              If you are going to try it just once, you may want to select a place that offers several cuts, for comparison.

          2. Money no object Joel Robuchon at MGM grand. They even have a complimentary limo service if you dine there.
            For a food snob/luver I would recommend E bu Jose Andreas if they can accommodate you as its reservation only.

            1. You can get blue fin tuna at blue ribbon sushi. We ate there last night for restaurant week and it was on the special sushi menu. We did not add it to the restaurant week menu but we did have a very good big eye tuna dish as an addition.

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              1. re: lvnvflyer

                Thanks Ivnflyer. Ribbon looks amazing! I'm definately going to try it out.

                1. re: cupidom

                  Only been to Blue Ribbon once but thought their sushi was massively overpriced for mid level quality. The rice was terrible as well. Very pebbley.

                  On the other hand, their fried chicken and the oxtail fried rice were both very good.