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Best Place for Mussels?

I am looking for suggestions on the best mussels you have had in Minneapolis or St. Paul. For this next weekend I am looking for somewhere over by the Lakes in Minneapolis, but in general anywhere across the metro would be good too as I love mussels!

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  1. Barbette's mussels have been excellent in the past. I think that they're probably your best bet near the lakes. They serve them in a traditional wine sauce or with a coconut lime preparation.

    1600 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

    1. Cave Vin makes very good ones.

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        +1 on Cave Vin's. Obsession-worthy. They're the best I've had since Figlio circa 1990.

      2. If you ever eat at Ngon and they are on the appetizer menu, order them.

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          I have been there, but not had their mussels - will definitely give them a try next time as I love this place.

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            Their app menu changes so they aren't always on there. I am quite sure you won't be disappointed.

        2. I would imagine Meritage should be in your investigation.

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            +1 for Meritage. Best Moules Frites I've ever had.

          2. i like the mussels in white wine broth at 112 eatery. it's on the app menu but i've been known to make a meal of the dish, extra bread to sop up the broth, of course...

            1. We went for lunch today and where by the lakes so Barbette was the logical place to go. I have had them there before and the lime coconut did not disappoint, but thanks for all the other suggestions as now I have a list to focus my next adventures!

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                I haven't had mussels in restaurants here for a while, but I noticed whenever I did get them last summer and fall they were not very plump. The taste was fine, but really skimpy-looking things. Just had a few from a friend's order at Eat Street Social though and noticed they looked plumper. Maybe it was a hard season for them previously?

              2. In St. Paul, Muddy Pig, where you can order as a n app or with linguini. Second choice, Salut Bar Amercain, ESP. On Mondays with one of their $10 bottle of wine selections.

                1. When they have them as a special, the mussels at SeaSalt were the best I've had in the twin cities. Very large portion and the fries were equally good. I can't wait for them to open for the season.

                  1. Blue Point in Wayzata. Go for Happy Hour and enjoy reduced prices in the small but always hopping bar.

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                      Oops! I meant to reply to the original post. I love Meritage--the mussels are always great and I love the frites with béarnaise sauce.