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Feb 29, 2012 10:06 AM

Is my wok seasoned?

Hello, first post here, hope its in the right place.
So i bought a carbon steel wok and had a go at seasoning it.
Was wondering if someone could tell me if it is seasoned correctly? I have watched a lot of videos on youtube about wok seasoning and it kind of looks similar i guess just looking for oppinions and thoughts.

Here are the steps i took:
-Cleaned it with scrub water and detergent
-Heated up wok on electric stove, took a while. Where direct heat was it turned brown, to blue-ish purple then to a similar silver that i started with.
-Because this was taking way to long i made sure it was blue/purple al over then placed in oven briefly.
-Then i brought it out spread corn oil all over on kitchen towel (tspoon and half only) Then heated more on stove where base turned black and finished off with another light coat of oil and 20mins in oven.
-I then friend some chives in a touch more oil let it cool then cleaned with warm water and soft sponge.

Thoughts? Is my Wok now Seasoned and ready to use?


ps pics were taken outside so the white is just reflection of the sky :)


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  1. It "looks" like you did a really nice job. It's hard to say for sure though ... Try cooking something! :-)

    It would be really tough to do the initial heat treatment on an electric stove. This even takes quite a while on a massive outdoor 50,000 burner - I'm sure that you have seen the same videos that I have. And there is a LOT of smoke generated during the heat treatment - I sure wouldn't want to do that inside, even with a vent fan going.

    If you do need to heat treat it again, try it outside with a torch or propane burner, etc. But ... I'm kinda guessing that you did a really nice job here.

    1. It looks nice. You should give it a try.

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        Ahh brilliant well as long as it appears ok, never done this before so a bit cautious. But i will give it a go and see how it gets along :-) Thanks

        1. re: glowStick

          No problem. It looks very good, but one will never know unless one tries it -- to be sure.