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Feb 29, 2012 10:06 AM

Good Bottle Shops for Beer in DC area

Hi everyone,

I am going to be in the DC area (from the West Coast) in a couple weeks and wanted to bring back some East Coast beer. Any suggestions on bottle shops with a good selection??? Not looking for tap rooms or draft... just bottle shops.

I am particularly looking for Founders KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout).


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  1. Check founders website the nearest place that carries Founders is located in Sterling VA(you will need a car). I would call the them directly at 616.776.2182 or email info [at] foundersbrewing [dot] com

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    1. re: agarnett100

      Actually that is just the distributer for the DC area. But thanks for thought!!!

    2. Try the Westover Market in Arlington. They have what they call a "Great Wall of Beer." The Lost Dog Cafe (across Washington Blvd. from the market) has a long beer list too, including three other Founders beers, but not KBS. Westover is between Ballston and East Falls Church.

      1. Norm's in Vienna, Virginia and Rick's Gourmet in Alexandria are two good places to start. Might also call up any of the local Total Wine warehouses to see if they are carrying it. Chevy Chase Wine & Spirits near the Friendship Heights metro is a possibility too.

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          I haven't heard anyone announce availability of KBS yet this year, although it should be soon. Norm's limited customers to two bottles per person last year, others do something similar. I think Rick's uses a "waitlist", which is probably already longer than what their allotment will be. I don't know what goes on in the DC and Maryland shops.

          Norm's and Rick's will have just about everything that is distributed in Virginia (Great Lakes Brewing out of Cleveland hit the shelves in VA for the first time earlier this week). A couple of the Whole Foods supermarkets (Vienna and FairLakes) also have fairly extensive offerings.

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            Don't forget Wegmans Grocery Store that has a whole back wall filled with many brands of beer. I heard they have about sixty brands and there are multiple locations in the area. Good luck.

        2. try cleveland park liquors and chevy chase wine and spirits

          1. Thought you might find this interesting if not unfortunate: