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Feb 29, 2012 10:02 AM

4 days in Scottsdale

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend and I are coming from Toronto to Scottsdale to celebrate our 5-year anniversary this April. We're staying at Valley Ho. We'll be there from Wednesday - Sunday... we love food, and we're looking for some community help picking some restaurants:

1) Dinner: High-end / mid-range
2) Brunch: Mid-range

We prefer restaurants close-ish to the hotel, but are willing to 'go the distance' if the food is worth it. We have no dietary restrictions, love all cuisine, but would like to have at least one good SW meal.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. A couple of suggestions to get you started:

    1) Peruse the recent messages on the board. Your questions are the kind that get asked and answered pretty frequently, especially around this time of year. You might find some specific places to ask about after reading through threads on similar topics.

    2) If there's something specific you'd like to check out during your trip (e.g., interesting cocktails, pizza, Southwestern cuisine, brunch), use the search feature to see which places turn up as "the usual suspects". This kind of search can help you formulate more specific queries to pose to the board.


    1. Close to the hotel for nice dining are Eddie's House for comfort food with a meditteraen twist, or Marcellino for high end Italian, Citizen, FnB, and Cowboy Ciao for creative, foodie fun.

      There are a couple of breakfast places on Scottsdale road, Daily Dose, and Breakfast Club. These fill up quick, also check out Arcadia Farms for a nice bistro brunch

      1. First, happy anniversary!

        Then, here are but a few of my personal recs.:

        T. Cook's at Royal Palms
        Kai's at Sheraton Wildhorse Pass (rather far from Scottsdale, but worth the trip)

        NOCA - just across the "border"
        Cowboy Ciao - Old Town Scottsdale
        Vincent's on Camelback - again, across that border, but worth it
        Deseo - Westin Kierland Commons - yes, across the border too
        Roy's - Marriott Desert Ridge, across the border, but one of the best of Roy Yamaguchi's US restaurants, and actually better (IMHO), than most Island restaurants

        There are no steakhouses, and the only ones, to impress me, are a mini-chain, Capital Grill at Biltmore, or Durant's in downtown Phoenix.

        Most of all, enjoy!


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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Bill, just curious if you've had a chance to dine at NOCA since chef Curtiss left. I'm dying to hear your impressions if you have. Hope I'm not putting pressure on ya if you prefer to keep your thoughts on it private...I know you are a staunch supporter of the establishment.

          1. re: mwest9

            Just did, an am working on a review, but have to leave town for a bit, so no promises on when I will be done. Some great comments, a few minor quibbles, but generally very good.

            We did a "regular meal," and then the "chef's tasting menu," with some beverage variations. Without letting the "cat out of the bag," I will say that things have changed, and there are things to look forward to. Hope to get back, when the travel schedule slows a bit.

            And you are correct - I am a supporter, but hope that I never loose my objectivity, or my integrity. Things are, what they are.


        2. The happy hour at Cafe ZuZu at your hotel is really good. I love the French Dip sliders. Pretty good drinks, too. Its not high-end, but its a really good value, inexpensive but still quality.

          1. You're in a great location for great restaurants- I heartily second FnB, and add Cuoco Pazzo to the list (high-end Italian at mid-range price with an awesome beer list). For southwest, The Mission is excellent. Barrio Queen just opened down there too, and I've heard good things but have yet to go.

            Don't know much about brunches, sorry.