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Feb 29, 2012 09:44 AM

Pre-show (6-ish) Dinner Choices Near Ahmanson: 2012 Edition

I am a Long Beach resident who works on the Westside of LA. Therefore, my knowledge-- hell, my awareness-- of the downtown dinner scene is just about non-existent.

Yes, shower your scorn and disdain upon me. I stand before you in shame.

Tee hee.

I'm doing some long-range planning for a Saturday night at the theatre (or, as my Southern mom says, "thee-AY-ter")-- specifically, at the Ahmanson. I want to have a REALLY good pre-show dinner (cost is basically not an object, but nothing ridiculous) somewhere in the theatre's sort-of immediate vicinity (walking distance, of course), and that means some place slinging good chow at around 6 PM. If we (my husband and I) wait until after the show, we'll be eating at 11; and I may not know downtown LA that well, but I'm fairly sure it's not like Madrid or South Beach, where we'd be indeed eating around 11 and just starting our bar crawl. Besides, we're not spring chickens, and eating that late is a sure-thing one-way ticket to Agità-ville.

As I said, money isn't a huge issue. In theory we will eat just about anything, but in practice I will get pushback against Asian food (we're perpetually trying to lose a few pounds, and that means we're trying to avoid-- wait for it-- "carbs", i.e., rice). If the place is really incredible, however, I will fight for it. We love good food, we're not Foodies, but a bit upscale would be nice.

How about it, folks? Any help for me and my better half?

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  1. Well...not sure this fits the carb requirement....but you could order around them. Though you'd miss some fabulous pastas. I really like Drago Centro. Terrific food....nice room....lovely service. And a shuttle to the theater. You could more easily avoid carbs at the Water Grill, which was just reopened. But I haven't been in a while, so can't comment on new chef/new menu.

      1. re: J.L.

        or kendall's right at the center. had a beautiful seafood platter there about 6 months ago prior to a show.

      2. If if were I...

        Approximately 1 mile south of Ahmanson Theatre is located The Ritz Carlton, WP24 Wolfgang Puck restaurant.
        Located on the 24th floor, overlooking LA proper, is one of Wolfgang Puck's finest.
        The food is spectacular.