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Restaurants at Bloor/Bathurst

I am staying for a week in this area solo. Can I get recommendations for good Thai,Indian/Korean in this area > Within walking distance is important as I will have no car with me and I would also like a takeout option as i will be busy. Thank you all so much!

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  1. I have always enjoyed Mt. Everest restaurant for Indian. South side of Bloor east of Bathurt. For Thai I used to go to Real Thailand on the north side near Spadina. Food always consistently good.

    1. Guu Sakabar, Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu, Sushi Couture are all great.

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        On the same block of Bloor St. as the above-mentioned Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu is Tofu Village, which I prefer for slightly better banchan (side dishes) and a larger menu. All at roughly the same price point for Korean food. Don't know if it does takeout, though. I always eat in on the theory that most food - particularly Korean food - invariably tastes better right out of the kitchen. Also, my go-to dish is the soup/stew-like vegetable soon tofu, which can't easily be transported without much sloshing around and spilling. Buk Chang Dong is still pretty good, too, though its short menu is almost exclusively soon tofu. Either place, you can be in and out in a half-hour for less than $10, all in, and be eminently satisfied. On the south side of Bloor St., a 10-minute walk west of Bathurst St.

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          Thanks for reminding me that I need to try Tofu Village. My 3 year-old is not down with the soondubu so the expanded menu will come in handy.

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            My two year old goes nuts for the seafood pancakes at Tofu Village. We do to. They are amazing.

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            For me, korean food, especially the stews and soups, are better the next day. I like sunrise, its my favourite soon tofu along that strip of korean restaurants. They do takeout.

        2. Maroli is great for South Indian.

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          1. If you like Thai, Indian and Korean, I'm guessing you like bold flavours and spice. You have to try One Love, veggie Jamaican takeout one the west side of Bathurst a block north of Bloor. I make a point of stopping in if I'm in the area. Very craveable on grey days.

            1. No mention of Banjara? West of Christie station, one of the better Indian places in the city.

              1. I realize it's not at all within your stated cuisines, but if you feel like branching out a touch, Country Style Hungarian Restaurant (nothing to do with the donut chain, obviously) at 450 Bloor Street West is quite likely my favorite restaurant in all of Toronto. The goulash, schnitzels and cabbage rolls are all particularly nice, as are the dessert crepes and custard.

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                  Country Style has gone waaaaay downhill, right on the edge of oblivion. Food couldn't get up to mediocre and the service staff had a glint in their eyes as they know that your money for the "tax included price" will never get reported to HST or the Feds!

                2. There is also good Indian at Banjara, which is on Bloor just west of Christie, the next major intersection (and subway stop) west of Bathurst (a few minutes' walk away).

                  ETA. Oh wait, someone already mentioned that.

                  1. I like Insomnia and visit there quite frequently. Their breakfast/brunch items, burgers and sandwiches are all pretty good and pretty cheap.

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                      Tacos el Asador, Aroma for brunch and Sam James pocket for espresso are also good.

                    2. Carribean Palace on Bathurst for Trinidadian Roti and doubles.

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                        Does Caribbean Palace have any seating?

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                          Yes, they have maybe a dozen seats. Their doubles are the best in the neighbourhood.

                      2. "Thumb's Up" @ 615 Bloor St W (Palmerston) has the city's best pork bone soup. Only $6 during lunch hours.

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                          Not the city's best IMO...tried it there a few weeks ago. Was not impressed!

                        2. Hidden away in the neighbourhood, but well worth a visit for their interesting and delicious menu (and beer selection), is the Serbian pub, Hrvati, just north of Bloor on Euclid.

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                              Um, yes? A bit salty, but better than average pub food.

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                                Oh, and it's Croatian not Serbian. Not good with the Balkans.

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                                  and are you sure they are still in business?

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                                    As of a couple of weeks ago they were...

                              2. pho rex
                                white brick kitchen
                                mt everest
                                tacos el asador
                                grapefruit moon
                                insomnia cafe

                                1. I often find myself eating or going out in this hood. I still love Maroli (their syrian beef was particularly good last weekend), Guu Sakabar, Hrvati Croatian, and Arisu for passable korean bbq. Tried the fried spicy sweet chicken at Yummy Korean the other night and it was predictably average.