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Feb 29, 2012 08:46 AM

Cool or Unique Restaurants in Raleigh NC

I'm going to Raleigh this weekend with Wife, and looking for cool, artistic, unique, etc places to eat.
Also looking for a nice vegetarian place. Please Help!

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  1. For cool, I would recommend Poole's Dinner , not sure how they would be as vegetarian.

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    1. Irregardless Cafe features the work of local artists, supports local food suppliers and has lots of vegan and vegetarian options:

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          However, the food at Irregardless is not all that good. Most of the better restaurants in the area have multiple vegetarian/vegan options on their menus and local sourcing is a major trend here. You will have a better meal at nearly any of the other restaurants mentioned so far.

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            Different strokes I guess. I've always enjoyed eating there.

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              I have to eat there next week for business - the menu doesn't look inspired - what would be a safe/best bet to order?

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                I haven't been there in many years. The Spouse used to like the chef's salad (the lemon-tahini dressing is actually rather good), but that's also been many years.

          2. The Remedy Diner is an excellent vegetarian restaurant in downtown Raleigh. Quirky, artsy and delicious!


            BTW, this Friday is 1st Friday, so lots of galleries open late and street activities!

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                as a vegetarian/vegan Remedy is on my list.

            1. Poole's is outstanding.

              Market Restaurant would be a good choice. Great vibe, good for vegetarians, and right next door to the fabulous Escazu chocolate shop.

              Other options, if not especially funky, are Zely & Ritz (eclectic), or Dos Taquitos Centro (upscale Mexican), J Betzski's (German), or Mandolin (fancy regional).

              For more casual eats, maybe Raleigh Times, Lilly's Pizza (quirky, artsy, and loud), or stop by Hayes Barton Cafe for a huge slice of cake.

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                Thank you! I'm going to Raleigh on Tuesday, from Boston. I think we'll try Pooles, looks great-I didn't see a menu though. If you think of anything else please give a holler! It's my bday too, the "new 30"

              2. This location just opened and I am hearing good things. Very upscale looking, Looks like they have a good vegetarian list in their menu.