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Feb 29, 2012 08:38 AM

Drop-in gathering at bar/pub/restaurant near Convention Center

We are putting the word out to gather for a reunion drink around 5 or 6 the evening before the start of a convention. After the initial get-together, those who want can move on for dinner all together or in small groups (thanks to the great suggestions you've already put on this board). So the question is, where is a good place to gather for mingling and a drink. There could be two people or there could be twenty showing up.

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  1. The Field House is a sports bar just south of the Convention Center. It's not amazing food or anything, but I've been there for two conference-related happy hour events and it's an easy place for people to meet up and have a drink before going somewhere else for the night. There is an area of the restaurant that can be reserved for groups - I'm not sure if there's a charge to do that.

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      My professional organization just did a happy hour at the Field House, I didn't attend, but I know the organizers secured a space for free and got drink tickets/specials for the crowd. Like katebauer mentioned, it's not the chowhound-iest, but it's easy.

      I think Molly Malloy's, as cwdonald suggested, would be a good spot!

    2. What day of the week is it? If it's not a quizzo night--Tuesdays and Thursdays, I think--you could probably hold down a couple tables in the upstairs at Fergie's, a pub on the 1200 block of Sansom Street. McGillin's Olde Ale House is near there too on a little side street near 13th & Chestnut, it would probably work for this but gets crazy on the weekends.

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        If you do it early, at 5 Molly Malloy's in the RTM which is right next door to the Convention Center could work. They have happy hour prices from 4-6. But they do close at 6. Molly's is the successor to the previous biergarten in the RTM.

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          Thanks. Does RTM mean the Reading Market or something else?

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            RTM does mean Reading Terminal Market. My apologies for not spelling it out.

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              Thanks for clarifying for this Hoosier.

      2. Time is a cool whiskey and jazz bar/restaurant at 1315 Sansom Street--just a couple of blocks SW from the Convention Center. They have an upstairs area that you can reserve, or your group could just meet downstairs in one of the two bar/dining areas. Food is very good too, if folks choose to eat there. It is also close to all the 13th Street restaurants, if anyone wants to break off and explore.