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Feb 29, 2012 08:31 AM

Help finding Stainless Steel pans from Japan or Finland.

For some reason (maybe not being proficient with computer?) I can't find the brand names of non-coated stainless steel pans made in Japan or Finland. Also I'd like to find what stores carry them as I prefer seeing in person over buying online. All-Clad is way over my budget and I've given up on finding any made in the USA. thanks

Specifically it's a 6-8 qt stockpot that I'm looking for.

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  1. Any chance sharing where you are on the planet?

    1. Here's a 6-litre pot from Finland which is SS with aluminium base:

      Here it is priced in $US:

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      1. re: GH1618

        I might be wrong but I don't think that link would be useful to the OP since they are saying that AllClad are too expensive.

        1. re: iliria

          That may well be, but faced with such constraints there is no solution. This seems to be the only thing exported from Finland. One could fly to Finland and have more choices, I expect, but at somewhat higher cost.

      2. Hey Lynne,

        Would you mind letting us know why Japan and Finland are so interesting? Or is it just "non-coated" stainless that is so important? (and I'll have to Google what non-coated stainless IS).

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        1. re: PepinRocks

          I'm thinking perhaps the op has a specific brand in mind and is trying to recall the name or where it's from - at least that's the way I'm interpreting this, but I could be entirely off track. Swiss Diamond comes to mind, but I think in the same range as All Clad pricewise.

        2. Regalware is made in USA and their stuff is relatively affordable.
          Here's a list of retailers who have them.

          Here's an online store that sells it, so you can give it a quick look

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          1. re: cutipie721

            Sorry to be vague. I'm in Florida.

            Lurking here plus knowing it's difficult to find USA pans, (or USA anything) and trying to avoid saying I won't buy anything from China, I've heard mention of Finland and Japan stainless steel cookware. I never knew it would be so hard to find a safe, suitable pot. I don't really care about handles being hot. I have potholders.

            1. re: LynneLynne

              My local HomeGoods has Fissler (made in Germany) and an unknown brand made in Italy. Lots of things were under $50. Some All-Clads as well but they're not that cheap. You might want to venture there and try your luck.

              Cuisinart's French classic is made in France, available at some Bed Bath and Beyond stores.

              If you have a restaurant supply store near by, you may find some Vollrath stuff made in the USA. They're pretty affordable as well.

              Good luck.

              1. re: LynneLynne

                Sitram Professerie (Sitram Professional) are good pans made in France. They are a classic aluminum disc bottom style. I got a starter set of off E-bay for ~$120 delivered.

                Tramotonia (sp?) is a Brazilian company that makes pretty good "cheap" cookware from all over the globe, some of which is made in the USA.

                Vollrath is made in the USA as well. Check out their stuff at or your favorite local restaurant supply shop.

              2. re: cutipie721

                This line of pans looks interesting. You can buy them from Amazon, which is a big plus for me--it is so easy. Not sure where you'd go to put one in your hand before buying though. You might have to order a small piece and use it for a bit, before springing for a set or several pieces. By the way, Regal needs to do a better job of producing promotions videos. What they have on their site is an uncomfortable looking guy in a suit talking about the pan in a display kitchen. It would be great to see the pans demonstrated on a stove and in an oven.

                I might buy the 8 inch non-stick skillet. If I didn't like the handle, I could always return it.

                1. re: sueatmo

                  cutipie721, when you say "HomeGoods" store do you mean TJMaxx Home Goods store?
                  sueatmo, thanks for the Amazon suggestion.

                  I live near Orlando so will search for a 'restaurant supply store'. Yes, I'm hoping to find a pan for around $50. My pans were wedding presents and really old so I was out of the loop on buying pans.

                  1. re: LynneLynne

                    8 qt Tribute Stock Pot, 10 in dia., NSF, 3-Layer Construction
                    Vollrath (77520)
                    SKU: 175-77520

                    Optio Stock Pot w/ Cover, 8 qt, Stainless
                    Vollrath (3501)
                    SKU: 175-3501
                    $61.66 / Pack of 2

                    The Tribute is a premium pan and probably more then you wan to spend, especially with lid. However, Optio or something similar should easy to find at a restaurant supply place for under $40.

                    1. re: Sid Post

                      thanks Sid, I'm googling 'restaurant supply stores' now.

                2. re: cutipie721

                  I second the American Kitchen cookware. I've used these several times in the past and they're quite good. Price is excellent too; $375 for a 10-piece set.

                  100% Made in USA.

                  1. re: lilgi

                    LILGI, thanks, I'll probably go with American Kitchen cookware (Regal Ware) but haven't seen it in person. I wanted to lift it before ordering.

                    1. re: LynneLynne

                      np, the finnish ones look very nice as well. Good luck!