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Feb 29, 2012 08:29 AM

Port St Lucie and neigboring towns

I am going to Florida for the first time and staying in Port St. Lucie. Please tell me some great places to eat.

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  1. Upping this thread as I will be visiting next week. Suggestions?

    1. very weak restaurant area with alot of chains all along us1, area hit hard economically, go south a few miles to stuart area by the water or jupiter for a fine selection, going north of pt st lucie is nothing but crime ridden ft pierce and deserted vero bch,good luck inyour findings, norris for ribs would be your best bet on us1 just north of pt st lucie

      1. Our current favorites in Stuart are:
        1. Pietro's, on Hutchinson Island, river view;
        2. Casa Bella, just south of Roosevelt Bridge, north-central Stuart;
        3. Sailor's Return, same area, marina view.
        All three are mildly pricey.

        1. 11 Maple Street in Jensen Beach...higher end, still casual. Riverwalk Cafe in Stuart.

          1. The original comment has been removed